Dr. Jason Burr is the lead astronomer in Gotham City Observatory and the twin brother of Jeffrey Burr.

History Edit

Gotham City
September 11, 21:48 PDT

While working in the observatory late at night, Doctor Burr was drugged and abducted by Mammoth. Batman and Robin tried to stop them, but failed.[2]

September 12, 21:57 CDT

Mammoth brought him to Kobra, Jason's brother, who had him tied to an altar in an abandoned New Age temple. He would be the subject of a ritual.[2]

September 12, 22:00 CDT

Because Batman, Flash, Green Arrow and their protégés interfered with the ritual, Kobra had to step up the rest of the procedure. He used a special dagger to prick his brother, acquiring a tiny amount of his blood, which he then fed to a snake. Kobra also drank cobra venom and some of the blood, and prepared to finish the ritual. Jason pleaded for his brother to stop, but it was to no avail. Dr. Burr was absorbed into the dagger, which gave Kobra snake powers. After the mutated Kobra was pricked with the dagger, the mutation was undone and Jason Burr was restored. His brother was nowhere to be seen.[3]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Jason Burr was murdered by his brother and was eventually revived by other cultists, and after Jeffrey's death, he took over the mantle of Kobra.

References Edit

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