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* [[Vulko]]<ref name="downtime"/>
* [[Vulko]]<ref name="downtime"/>
* TV Announcer (Uncredited)<ref name="e108">{{ep ref|108}}</ref>
* TV Announcer (Uncredited)<ref name="e108">{{ep ref|108}}</ref>
* [[Red Torpedo]]<ref name="e115">{{ep ref|115}}</ref>
* [[Red Torpedo]]<ref name="e112">{{ep ref|112}}</ref>
* [[Red Volcano]]<ref name="e115">{{ep ref|115}}</ref>
* [[Red Volcano]]<ref name="e115">{{ep ref|115}}</ref>

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Template:People Jeff Bennett is an American voice actor, best known as the voice of Johnny Bravo in the series of the same name. When voicing Johnny, he made his voice sound like that of Elvis Presley. He is also famous for voicing Petrie in The Land Before Time series from the second film onward. Bennett also took over for two actors who played different characters in the Star Wars series: as Jango Fett who was originally portrayed by actor Temuera Morrison and as Count Dooku who was originally played by Christopher Lee in Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. Bennett also played Jango Fett for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Bennett also voices the Joker, Captain Marvel and Abra Kadabra in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Azmuth in Ben 10: Alien Force & Ultimate Alien and Kowalski in Penguins of Madagascar.



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