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Joan Garrick (1922—December, 2018)[2] was the wife of Jay Garrick, a retired speedster.

Physical appearance

Joan Garrick is an elderly, Caucasian female with short, white hair and blue eyes. Similar to her husband, Joan appears well-preserved despite her old age. She wears a brown ring on her left ring finger – presumably her wedding ring.



August 21, 16:07 EDT

Joan attended the funeral of Kent Nelson at the Tower of Fate.[3]

Central City
August 27, 20:05 CDT

Joan attended her husband's birthday party at the home of Rudy and Mary West. When Mary said her son wasn't as fast as Barry Allen (the current Flash) at clearing the table, Joan said that Jay wasn't either. Before he could object, she said she knew that he was a retired speedster, and since it was his birthday she wasn't going to argue with him about it.[4]


Central City
February 28, 12:03 CST

Joan and Jay were invited to the Allens' house to celebrate their seventieth wedding anniversary. Like everyone else, she was surprised to see the unexpected guest Bart Allen.[5]


Central City
December 07, 21:51 CST

Joan was hospitalized. Her husband stood by her bedside.[6]

She passed away not long after, and she was buried in Central City on December 21.[2]



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