Johann Mintz is a henchman of Count Vertigo.

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July 30, 19:23 EEST

Johann and Piotor Platz helped Henchy bury corpses from Bedlam's experiments, as well as the disposed of accomplice Gabrielle Daou, at a cemetery outside the Children's Hospital‏‎. When the young girl was suddenly revived in a beam of purple light, the henchmen tried to cover the shallow grave faster. It had also attracted the attention of Tigress, who made quick work of them. Johann lasted longer than Piotor, but his wild flails with a shovel were no match for a trained stick fighter like Tigress.

The three recovered and made their way back to Count Vertigo to alert him to the interference.[1]

July 31, 00:02 EEST

Vertigo set his three henchmen to work on moving the metamorphosis pods with the living test subjects to a location where they could be Boom tubed out.[2]

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