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John Smith is an android created by Red Tornado.

Physical appearance

John Smith has the appearance of a bald Caucasian male with green eyes.



Mount Justice
December 5, post-17:04 EST

While the rest of the Team was on a mission, Zatanna, Miss Martian and Superboy were bored and broke into Red Tornado's apartment after the latter told them they would have to amuse themselves. They found the John Smith android under a sheet and were confronted by Red Tornado. He informed the three that he created the body with the hopes of learning more about humanity by walking among them. Zatanna commented on the android's attractive appearance, and used the sheet that was covering the body to make a pair of pants.[2]

Mount Justice
December 31, post-07:16 EST

After Red Tornado shut down while trying to plant a Starro-tech chip on Aqualad, Robin did an analysis and found Tornado's shutdown was a hardware, and not a software issue, but had no idea on how to reactivate the android. Zatanna suggested moving his consciousness from the "Red Tornado" body to the "John Smith" body. After Black Canary entered the Cave, Smith arose and yelled for the Team to "get out of the Cave." Black Canary attacked Smith and the Team with her Canary Cry, causing the Smith body to lose a patch of "skin" around its left eye and its legs. After Canary's defeat, Smith had the Team take Sphere to locate the rest of the Team, as it tracked Superboy and radio communication would alert the Justice League. While traveling, Smith informed the Team about Starro-tech and how Vandal Savage had taken over the League.[3]



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