Jonathan Kent is a farmer from Smallville who is acquainted with Superboy.

Physical appearance Edit

Johnathan is an elderly male, with grayish white hair and blue eyes. Though aging, he appears to be in good shape. He wears glasses and red suspenders with a grayish-blue shirt, along with a belt on dark gray pants.

History Edit

2016 Edit

April 8, 16:38 CDT

Jonathan was among those who toured the new LexCorp farm at which the Reach was growing their own produce. As Sharon Vance guided the tour, Kent expressed his concern that the Reach's efforts could put local farmers out of business. Vance replied that the Reach planned to share its techniques with the farmers.[2]

April 8, post-23:13 CDT

After the Team completed its mission, Kent allowed Green Beetle to stay in his barn. He said he was happy to have any reason for family to drop by, referring to Superboy, who was present.[2]

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Background information Edit

  • Jonathan "Pa" Kent is the adoptive father of Superman. He was one of Clark's greatest teachers, setting him on the way to defend truth, justice and the American way. He died of a heart attack in the Superman: Brainiac storyline, to the grief of all of Smallville.
  • This is his sixth animated appearance. He first appeared in Adventures of Superboy, followed by Ruby-Spears' 1988 Superman, the DCAU (Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League), and the DC animated films Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Superman vs. The Elite.

References Edit

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