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Jonathan Lord is an actor.

Physical appearance

Jonathan is a Caucasian man with short gray hair that used to be black in his youth, and his eyes are brown.


Lord was born around 1920 and broke through in 1940 in The Silver Blade, co-starring 18-year old Sandra Stanyon. The two fell in love and the married Lord had an affair with her. After the divorce, they married.

Lord and Stanyon starred together in many movies as Dial "D" for Dead and Undercover Agent. He was a dashing figure who felt passionate about his characters, designing his own make-up and doing his own stunts.[1]

Some thirty years later, Jonathan and Sandra starred in the television series Hello, Megan! as the main character's parents.[2]

His marriage with Sandra eventually ended when Lord was caught cheating again.[1]


Background information

  • Jonathan Lord is the main character of Silverblade, a series created by Greg Weisman's long time writing partner Cary Bates. In that series, Lord is an elderly has-been actor who gets the superpower to turn into every movie character he's ever played.


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