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A case filled with Kobra-Venom containers.

Kobra-Venom is a deadly combination of Bane's neo-steroid, Venom and the Project Blockbuster formula created by Cadmus. The resulting mix is three times stronger than Venom and permanent. Like with Blockbuster, it completely transforms the subject into a huge musclebound monster and hardens the subjects skin, but cracks it open in the process due to the increase in muscle mass.


Mammoth after his Kobra-Venom induced transformation.

On June 19, the Cult of the Kobra took control of Santa Prisca from Bane, they began to use his Venom factory in conjunction with the Blockbuster formula to produce Kobra-Venom, a formula three times as potent as Venom and permanent. They tested the new formula on Mammoth, whose new strength allowed him to easily defeat a Venom-enhanced Bane in single combat. Kobra wanted to sell the Kobra-Venom to Sportsmaster, but due to the interference of the Team, the sale was disrupted and all but a single ampule of Kobra-Venom was destroyed. The Light later stated that with this single container, they, perhaps, would be able to reverse-engineer the formula.[1]

The Brain later conducted experiments with Kobra-Venom in the jungle of northern India. He used it to mutate a number of local animals, including elephants and vultures, and other animals such as Wolf and Mr. Tawny.[2] He also used it on the mentally enhanced gorillas he had enslaved in Bwunda.[3]

The Injustice League used the Kobra-Venom to enhance Poison Ivy's plant creatures to help them hold the world to ransom. The plant creatures were defeated by the Justice League and eventually stopped when the Team destroyed Poison Ivy's central plant in Louisiana.[4]

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