Kylstar's Vessel

Kylstar's Vessel takes flight.

Kylstar's Vessel works as his headquarters and means of transportation.

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The vessel is composed mostly, if not entirely, of crystals. The crystalline corridors are difficult to navigate and render X-ray vision useless. The top deck of the ship, from which Kylstar commands, is normally left exposed to space,[1] however a ceiling can be grown and air generated to fill the vacuum if needed.[2] The ship has at least sixteen weapons rooms. These rooms are used to hold captives in specialized containment cells,[3] which provide breathable gas and nourishment.[1] Each cell has an orb nearby which neutralizes the occupant by emitting a noise that inhibits their powers and renders them unable to concentrate. The orbs are customized to a specific occupant–and, for occupants capable of transformation, a specific form.[3]

History Edit

The Moon
December 1, 15:31 UTC

Kylstar set up a base on the Moon, and stored his collection of kidnapped warriors there, including Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Draaga, Major Force, Superboy, Superman and Wonder Woman.[3]

The Moon
December 1, 15:52 UTC

Captain Atom freed himself and several of the others.[3]

The Moon
December 1, 16:16 UTC

As the free heroes deliberated, Kylstar received news his assets had come loose.[3]

The Moon
December 1, 17:13 UST

The heroes came to a window and discovered, to their dismay, that they were being held captive on the Moon.[1]

The Moon
December 1, 19:36 UCT

The heroes had difficulty getting their bearings in the crystalline corridors. Captain Marvel came up with a plan to find the teleporters that brought them to the Moon, but the next moment the group was teleported inside a cell. They were addressed by Orb-One, providing translation for First Leader Kylstar, who told them they would remain where they were during their journey. Kylstar's ship then lifted off from the surface of the Moon and headed into space.[1]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 21:55 UTC

Superboy, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom and Captain Marvel remained imprisoned.[2]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 22:31 UTC

The captive heroes tried and failed to convince Kylstar to release them. They broke through the floor of their cell and attempted escape, but Kylstar had the crystals of the top deck grow to form a ceiling while others emitted breathable air. He then had the heroes teleported back to him. Kylstar then began to "reprogram" them, attacking Captain Atom, then Superboy.[2]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 22:52 UTC

Kylstar continued to dominate the heroes physically and was able to absorb and redirect Superman and Captain Atom's energy-based attacks. Superboy was able to throw Kylstar, but the First Leader landed on his feet with ease.[2]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:17 UTC

Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy moored the Bio-Ship with the vessel. As there were no visible access ports or air locks, Miss Martian had to go in alone.[4]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:27 UTC

After bringing Kylstar down with the West Maneuver, the heroes thought they had won, but Orb-One detained them again.[4]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:32 UTC

Miss Martian entered the fight, and destroyed the orbs.[5]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:34 UTC

Kylstar let his opponents know he was pleased. He decided to bring all prisoners forth from their cages.[5]

Kylstar's Vessel
December 1, 23:58 UTC

Orb-One explained the situation on Kylstar's home world to the gathered heroes and villains. Some joined his fight, others didn't. Those that didn't, were returned home via teleportation.[5]

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