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Lady Shiva (real name Sandra Wu-San) is the sensei of the League of Shadows and the enforcer for the Light.


Lady Shiva has a calm and collected demeanor, which she extends to her combat technique, believing there is power to be drawn from serenity.[1] She speaks in a soft-spoken manner, seldom losing her composure or raising her voice even when issuing overt threats. She is as serene as she is ruthless, however, never hesitating to take one's life when necessary.[4][3]

Having trained under Sensei when the League of Shadows was still under the leadership of Ra's al Ghul,[5] Shiva was instilled with such fantacisim that she raised her daughter, Cassandra Wu-San, purely for the purpose of molding her into the perfect assassin, going as far as to sever her daughter's vocal cords when she was still an infant and deny her learning to read, so that the only language her child would learn would be body language (the "language of death").[3]

Upon reuniting with Cassandra, Shiva displayed no remorse for the cruel and zealous upbringing she'd subjected her daughter to, and was obsessed with reclaiming her daughter and bringing her back into the League of Shadows.[6][5]

Physical appearance

Lady Shiva is a tall yet slender woman who appears to be rather young. She has short raven colored hair, black lipstick and brown eyes. Sandra also has a notable large bust and a pale complexion. She wears a skin-tight bodysuit with long sleeves, shoulder pads, a Mandarin collar and a diamond-shaped hole on her sternum. The bodysuit is red with dark gray stripes looped around her shoulders and forearms and matching patches on her elbow pits. This pattern is also seen on the hems of her collar and the diamond-shaped hole, whose lower corner hem runs down to the waist, meeting her belt which is adjoined by a golden ring with a sash hanging from it. Her gray skin-tight pants are adorned with dark gray knee pads and stripes coiled around her thighs and shins. She carries a dao broadsword, normally sheathed on her belt.[4][1]


Early life

In 2003,[7] Sandra gave birth to Cassandra. Already a member of the League of Shadows, Shiva raised her daughter to be the ultimate assassin. She didn't teach her to read and had her vocal cords severed, so that her only language would be body language—the language of death.[3]


Lady Shiva was famed as one of the world's most dangerous assassins.[1] After Ra's al Ghul resigned from the Light and left the League of Shadows under their control,[8] they selected Shiva as the League's new sensei,[1] as well as chief enforcer of the Light.[4]


In January,[9] Shiva assigned her daughter her first mission: to kill the Joker, who had turned against the Light. Cassandra did not complete her mission, and defected from her mother and the Shadows to join the |Bat-family.[10]

Central City
September 29, post-10:00 CDT

Lady Shiva confronted Ocean-Master in a rented house directly across the Allen family home, attempting to dissuade him from killing the eighteen family members of the heroes as revenge for his incarceration. When Ocean-Master refused to back down, she swiftly decapitated him and vanished with his corpse.[4]

Greater Bialya
September 30, 01:01 UTC+3

Lady Shiva reported her success to the Light. Queen Bee complimented her, telling her that she was the right choice as the Light's new enforcer.[4]

Santa Prisca
October 12, post-04:00 ECT

Lady Shiva was training members of the League of Shadows when a helicopter flew overhead. She sent her students away, except for Cassandra Savage and instructed her to follow.

At the landing dock, Shiva welcomed Deathstroke and briefed him on the undergoing training. After Deathstroke dismissed Cassandra, he and Shiva discussed Cassandra's progress with her training and Deathstroke asked her how she was dealing with being a sensei for the League and an enforcer for the Light. Shiva took some issue with his comment, as she felt as capable of juggling her double duty as he was. Deathstroke quickly apologized for disrespecting her. Shiva calmly assured him that if she ever felt disrespect, he would know, and walked away.

Later that night, Batman, Katana and Metamorpho were spotted trying to flee the island. While Bane and Deathstroke fought Batman and Metamorpho, Lady Shiva challenged Katana. The two swordswomen clashed blades and Shiva vowed to take Katana's sword for herself. Meanwhile, Shiva and Deathstroke traded fighting partners and Shiva fought Metamorpho for a while. The fight continued until Oracle destroyed Santa Prisca's defense systems, allowing Batman, Katana and Metamorpho to escape.[1]

December 31, 09:02 CAT

Shiva and other Shadows were sent to kill Troia and Garth at the U.N. Climate Conference, posing as the Bwundan Independence Front in order to discredit the Outsiders. Shiva went for Troia in her hotel room, who had been subdued by a telepathic meta-human, but was foiled by Halo and Terra. A fight ensued and Shiva managed to slash Halo's throat. Just as she was about to kill Troia, the Amazon recovered, forcing Shiva to retreat.[11]


Star City
March 26, post-20:00 PDT

Lady Shiva dispatched a squad of Manta Troopers and ascertained that Tigress was de facto leader of the Team.[3]

Star City
April 20, post-06:00 PDT

After sending Rictus and Black Spider off to retrieve "Cassandra" alive, Lady Shiva sneaked inside the Vault via Shade's powers, and knocked Orphan out. While holding her daughter hostage, she demanded Tigress to deliver Cassandra Savage to Santa Prisca in 24 hours. Then she slinked away with her agents.[3]

Santa Prisca
April 20, 18:33 ECT

Shiva visited her daughter in a cell in the League of Shadows' headquarters. She told her of her disappointment at her defection.[10]

Santa Prisca
April 21, 01:02 ECT

Black Spider and Rictus joined them to report that they has lost contact with some guards, leading Shiva to believe Tigress had arrived as agreed. She had Shade bring the receiver for the intel from their mole, but assured Cassandra that it was her that Shiva really wanted, so that she might have another chance at her destiny.

After Cassandra Savage had revealed herself as the mole, and her infiltrators had been neutralized, Tigress and her team ran to Orphan's cell, but were immediately surrounded by Shadows, including Shiva, who gave them a surrender or die ultimatum.[10]

Santa Prisca
April 21, 21:04 ECT

Tigress stalled for time by getting Shiva and Savage to talk about their plan. Orphan escaped her shackles and disabled the lights. Shiva and her daughter fought in the dark until Tigress swapped placed with Orphan. Shiva was able to stab Tigress in the thigh with her own sword. When the lights came back up, Shiva repeated her ultimatum, but Shade unexpectedly teleported Tigress's squad out. Shiva was able to follow in time, and sliced through two of her own Shadows as she emerged on the beach with them.

Shiva demanded to know why Shade had betrayed her. He explained that he had owed Cheshire a debt, before resigning from the Shadows and disappearing. Shiva admitted she could not stop the group from leaving, but still demanded they leave her daughter with her. She threatened to have the Shadows kill everyone whom Cassandra cared about, including Barbara Gordon, which goaded Orphan into a fight. Orphan ran her blade through her mother's stomach. Shiva smiled as Orphan prepared to behead her, but became enraged when the girl changed her mind and left. Shiva ranted at her from the beach as they flew off, insisting she would one day return when she accepted what she really was.[5]

Santa Prisca
April 22, 10:15 ECT

A bandaged Shiva returned to her daughter's former cell and stared at her open shackles.[5]


  • Swordsmanship: As the chief enforcer of the Light[4] and one of the world's most dangerous assassins,[1] Lady Shiva is a highly skilled swordswoman. She decapitated Ocean-Master, despite Atlanteans possessing flesh denser than humans.[4] She also faced Katana in a duel.[1]
  • Acrobatics: Lady Shiva is capable of doing many somersaults in a matter of seconds.[1]


  • Sword: Lady Shiva wields a dao broadsword with a red sash attached to the hilt.[4][1]


Background information

  • Sandra Woo-San is the best martial artist in the world and a highly sought after assassin, acting primarily as an opponent of Richard Dragon, the Question, Batman and later Black Canary and the Birds of Prey. She is the mother of Cassandra Cain, who she conceived to create the perfect warrior.
  • This is her fourth animated appearance. She appeared in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Beware the Batman and DC Super Hero Girls.


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