Lia Briggs is a young meta-human pressed into service by the League of Shadows.

Physical appearance Edit

Lia is a young caucasian woman with red hair and green eyes. Her hair is short and parted to the left.[1]

History Edit

2018 Edit

December 31, 09:00 CAT

The Light sent a mock crew of League of Shadows operatives to Bwunda to stage an attack on Secretary General Luthor and President M'Barra, posing as the "Bwundan Independence Front". Lia's job was to take out one of the true targets, Ambassador Troia, away from the cameras. Though she took out the Themysciran delegate, they had been expecting an attack. The Team and the Outsiders were concealed in the room, and Miss Martian easily overpowered her and removed her control chip.

Once the commotion had been stopped, Miss Martian took Lia with them on the Bio-Ship, where she could recuperate from the stress caused by the control chip. She consented to further help.[1]

December 31, 07:15 MST

Lia was taken to the Meta-Human Youth Center. Recovery went smoothly, and she spoke openly on Eyespasm about her support for the Outsiders.[1]

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Psychokinesis: Lia is able to use psionic powers to knock out opponents mentally and hold her own for a short time against Miss Martian.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Emily "Lia" Briggs is Looker, a member of the Outsiders. She originally had psychokinetic powers, but was later turned into a vampire.
  • This is her first proper animated appearance. An alternate universe version named Model Citizen appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

References Edit

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