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Lian Nguyen-Harper is the daughter of Will Harper and Jade Nguyen.


Lian enjoys seeing people fight, a trait that her mother claims runs in the family. She also appears to be quite intelligent for an infant. An example of this was when she pointed to Speedy, and said (in plural form) "Dadas," recognizing both the original and clone Roy Harper as her father.[4] At the age of three, she was able to discern that her aunt Artemis misses Wally West, and that her father yearns for Cheshire.[5]

Physical appearance

At only a couple of months old, Lian had auburn hair,[6] gray eyes, and a few teeth.[4] Being only a quarter Vietnamese, she has a more Caucasian appearance, like her father and maternal grandfather, but with epicanthic folds like her mother.

At age 2/3, Lian resembles her father more, having more angular features from her paternal side, though the shape of her eyes is still like her mother's. Her hair has grown out, reaching the nape of her neck and unkempt bangs. Her usual attire consists of a pink headband, a pink cardigan over a white top and blue shorts. She is also commonly shown barefoot.



Lian was born to Jade Nguyen in September 2015.[1]


Washington, D.C.
February 14, post-04:03 EST

Jade brought Lian to persuade her husband to give up his mad search for Speedy. He was surprised to learn that he had a daughter. Lian slept through the entire conversation.[6]

February 28, 23:14 BT

Cheshire brought Lian along on their search for Speedy, though Roy thought that she was better off in her aunt Artemis's care while they fought. Safely tucked in in her mother's baby sling, she enjoyed seeing her parents fight their way through a Tibetan monastery. When Roy and Jade finally found Speedy, Lian giggled as she saw someone who looked exactly like her father.[4]

Gotham City
March 21, 17:38 EDT

When Crusher Crock and Jade Nguyen went to pay their last respects to Artemis at Gotham Cemetery, Jade carried Lian with her. Lian slept through the entire conversation where her mother and grandfather swore to confront the Mantas.[7]

Gotham City
May 28, 02:34 EDT

Upon returning from her attempt to kill Aqualad, Jade picked Lian up from her mother's apartment.[8]


Lian and her parents lived in a house in Star City.[9] Jade later left them, leaving Lian in the care of her father, now going by Will.[10] Artemis and Brucely moved in with them.[9] Lian took to calling her aunt "Auntie Mouse",[11] based on both a mispronuncaition of "Artemis" and Jade's pet name for her sister, "Mouse".[12]


Star City
July 29, 07:16 PDT

Will gave his daughter breakfast just before Dick arrived to recruit Artemis for a mission.[9]

Star City
August 01, 07:16 PDT

Lian had breakfast as her father wondered about the future of their new houseguest.[13]

Central City
September 29, post-10:00 CDT

Will took Lian to a playdate with the other children of Justice League members hosted by Iris West-Allen.[14]

Star City
October 12, 19:49 PDT

Lian had ice cream at the kitchen table as Artemis and Violet registered the latter for school. She was oblivious to her mother watching her from outside.[10]

Star City
November 06, 17:21 PST

Lian spilled her juice while Jeff Pierce and Helga Jace were visiting for coffee, requiring clean-up from Violet and Artemis. Lian denied any involvement in the spillage.[15]

Star City
November 16, 17:17 PST

When Artemis was about to leave for a mission, Lian called her to show her her half eaten food. This led to a father-daughter gross out contest.[11]

Star City
November 17, 16:16 PST

Lian fed Artemis ice cream.[11]

Star City
November 22, 13:01 PST

Lian spent Thanksgiving with her family and their guests. She sang a song with her grandmother before dinner. When Helga let slip Artemis had returned to the hero life during dinner, and Paula stormed off, even Lian noted the awkwardness.[16]

Star City
December 07, post-19:49 PST

While Artemis, Violet and Tara were having a sleepover to celebrate the last two's last night in the Harper house, Lian rushed in scared by a thunderstorm. She was comforted by Tara, who later put her to bed. A sleeping Lian was oblivious to Tara texting Deathstroke.[17]


February 14, 18:03 PST

Lian was babysat by Violet at the Premiere Building, where Beast Boy entertained her by changing into various animal forms. Suddenly, Metron appeared via boom tube. Violet ran to Lian's side and warned Metron to stay back. However, the New God enveloped Lian, Violet and Victor with his boom tube.[5]

Mobius Dimension
-------- --, --:-- ---

Arriving in a strange void in zero gravity, Lian began to laugh upon hearing Violet and Victor speak in pings and had fun floating around. After briefly talking to his "grandchildren", Metron returned the trio to the Premiere Building and a confused Beast Boy.

Violet later took a sleeping Lian home, telling her father it had been an average night, before putting her to bed.[5]

February 28, 16:16 EST

Will took Lian to a private party at Bibbo's Diner for the original Team members, their significant others and children.[18]


Happy Harbor
February 23, 14:16 EST

Will took Lian to a bon voyage party for Conner and M'gann at their house. Though she was being cared for by her favorite "larvae-sitter", Lian was in a mood and refused to speak. She later got into hijinks with Amistad Ervin; the pair overflowed Lucas Carr's punchbowl with potato salad.[2]

Star City
March 26, 07:09 PDT

Lian knocked her juice off the table during breakfast, but Artemis caught it before it spilled.[19]

Star City
April 17, 07:08 PDT

Lian knocked over her juice again. A depressed Artemis didn't even attempt to catch it.[19]

Star City
April 21, 20:38 PDT

When Artemis called Will to discuss bringing home another "stray", Lian leapt into the frame to show Artemis her "mommy mask". Artemis had to abruptly end the call to chase after Lian's mother, who was horrified to see her daughter emulating her.[20]

Star City
April 22, 07:16 PDT

Artemis came home from her mission to Santa Prisca to find Lian, Will, Brucely and Paula waiting for her.[20]

Happy Harbor
September 16, post-16:16 EDT

Lian attended Conner and M'gann's wedding. She tapped hands with Amistad Ervin.[21]


Background information

  • This is Lian's first appearance outside the comic books. She first appeared as a baby in the mid-'80s and remained a supporting character until her death in the Cry For Justice miniseries. She was later brought back in the 2015 mini-series Convergence: The Titans.
  • This is Lian Nguyen-Harper's first animated appearance.


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