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** When the "magical mystical monkey god" explained how Gar's powers work.
** When the "magical mystical monkey god" explained how Gar's powers work.
* In "[[Illusion of Control]]":
* In "[[Illusion of Control]]":
** When [[El Dorado|Ed]] says a complement to [[Beast Boy|Garfield]] on his girlfriend, [[Perdita]] cheering up [[Windfall|Wendy]].
** When [[El Dorado|Ed]] says a compliment to [[Beast Boy|Garfield]] on his girlfriend, [[Perdita]] cheering up [[Windfall|Wendy]].
** [[Perdita]] says it after [[Windfall|Wendy]] makes a complement about [[Beast Boy|Garfield]] addressing the press about dealing with [[Onslaught]].
** [[Perdita]] says it after [[Windfall|Wendy]] makes a compliment about [[Beast Boy|Garfield]] addressing the press about dealing with [[Onslaught]].
== See also ==
== See also ==

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In the interest of making this wiki the leading authority on Young Justice, we list here all the catchphrases seen on the show and tie-in comics.

"Hello, Megan!" and derivatives

Used as a catchphrase in the in-world show Hello, Megan!, the phrase has been adopted by Miss Martian, and her teammates to a lesser extent. Used primarily to express exasperation at themselves, similar to Homer Simpson's D'oh.

  • "Welcome to Happy Harbor":
  • "Drop-Zone" – Miss Martian: "Hello, Megan! It's so obvious." (referring to Aqualad being leader.)
  • "Infiltrator" – M'gann: "Hello, Megan. We should hit the beach every day."
  • "Denial:"
    • Miss Martian: "Hello, Megan! We never truly answered the question." (asked by Doctor Fate's security system)
    • Wally: "Hello, Megan! Guess who bought us two tickets to a magic show."
  • "Downtime" – M'gann: "Too much at once! Too much at once! Hello, Megan! That's so me." (cleans the mess she made on Superboy)
  • "Bereft":
  • "Fears" – Miss Martian: "Well, I'm from Mars. Ugn! Hello, Megan! ...You guys already know that!" (while telling her teammates how she came to Earth)
  • "Targets" – Megan Morse: "Hello, Megan! That means I made the Team." (upon learning she was a Bumblebee)
  • "Revelation":
    • Artemis: "Hello, Wally! If the big guns are fighting plants, who do you think we'll be fighting?"
    • Miss Martian: "Hello, Megan! Of course" (when told to open hatch to escape from sinking Bio-Ship)
  • "Humanity" – Miss Martian: "Hello, Megan! You wanted to become more human." (upon realizing why Red Tornado volunteered to be den mother)
  • "Failsafe" – Kid Flash: "Hello, Wally, come on." (he thought the heroes were being teleported away instead of being disintegrated)
  • "Disordered" – M'gann: "It was all my fault. Hello, Megan."
  • "Image:"
    • Megan Wheeler: "Hello, Megan!" (M'gann watches Hello, Megan! in her room)
    • Hello, Megan! theme song: Hello, Megan! Hello, Megan! School and boys and parents too, A whole lot to juggle for Miss You-Know-Who. Hello, Megan, Hello, Megan! This cheerleader knows the score, Center of attention and so much more, Hello, Megan, Hello, Megan... A little bit distractable, but never too intractable, She's really quite attractable, Okay, a lot distractable! Eventually, she'll get a clue-clue. [Megan Wheeler]: 'Hello, Megan!' The girl for me, The girl for you... Hello, Megan, Hello, Megan! The girl for me, The girl for you, Hello, Megan! Hello, Megan! Hello, Megan!
    • Megan Wheeler: "Hello, Megan!" (realizing she made two dates at the same time)
    • Robin: Don't you have a souvenir to collect? Kid Flash: Hello, Megan!" (the Team confronts Miss Martian about the image she cultivated as Megan.)
  • "Performance" – Dawn Danger: "Hello, Megan! I'll read Haly's mind!"
  • "Alienated" – Miss Martian: "Hello, Megan! I knew we forgot something." (after Lagoon Boy stares in shock at having two 'Kroloteans' aboard the Bio-Ship)
  • "Darkest" – Megan Wheeler: "Hello, Megan!" (Beast Boy watches Hello, Megan! in his room)
  • "Away Mission" – Bart: "Hello, Megan! Mission time."
  • "Rescue Op" - M'gann "Hello, Megan!" (after telepathically discussing possible quarter options with Conner and Artemis for Forager and looking at Bioship disguised as a car.)
  • "Nightmare Monkeys" - Artemis: "Hello, Megan!" (realizing what Dr. Fate meant after analyzing Violet in "Private Security")
  • "Illusion of Control" - Bart: "Ugh! Hello, Megan! I was running in circles, checking the same buildings over and over!"


After the Team formed, Kid Flash was very fond of collecting souvenirs, and often exclaimed "Souvenir!" upon acquiring one. After he left the Team, others took up his cause and catchphrase.

This section lists all utterences of the "Souvenir!" catchphrase. For a list of the Team's souvenirs, see Mission souvenirs.

"Psimon says..."

Psimon often uses this phrase, based on the children's game, when making a psychic attack or expressing an opinion.

  • In "Bereft", Psimon said "Psimon says forget" before attempting to erase Miss Martian's memories a second time.
  • In "Image":
    • Psimon said "Psimon says show me who, or rather what, you really are" before forcing Miss Martian to take on her true Martian form.
    • Psimon said "Psimon says smartly done" after Miss Martian rendered her teammates unconscious to prevent them seeing her true form.
    • Psimon said "I didn't say Psimon says" after he stopped M'gann's attempt to brain blast him.
  • In "Beneath":
    • After Icicle Jr. questioned the wisdom of abducting a "bat brat", Psimon said "Psimon says he just doesn't care."
    • While under attack from Bumblebee, Psimon exclaimed "Psimon says enough!" Bumblebee responded "Bumblebee says goodnight" as she dealt a knockout blow.
  • In "The Fix", Psimon exclaims "Psimon says: reveal your secrets!" when he realizes that Tigress is not whom she appears to be.


Chum, a word that means "friend" as well as fish bait, is a favorite expression used by King Sha'ark and Lagoon Boy.

  • In "Under the Surface...":
    • Sha'ark called Aqualad chum when he reminded him to call him King.
    • Sha'ark called Ronal chum when he questioned if the suspected purist left because he felt outnumbered.
    • Sha'ark called Superboy chum, suspecting surface dwellers were tastier.
    • Sha'ark called Topo chum when it was found out he had been attacked by purists. He then noted that chum gets what it deserves: to be swallowed.
    • Superboy turned the tables, calling Sha'ark chum after the Atlantean threatened Miss Martian.
    • Sha'ark referred to Topo as chum when he called him to leave with the other "impure" Atlanteans following their showdown with the suspected purists.
  • In "...Here There be Monsters":
    • Sha'ark called Lori Lemaris chum after she prevented him eating a purist.
    • When Topo rescued Sha'ark from the purists, Sha'ark grumbled that "chum never rescues Sha'ark."
    • Sha'ark used the word when he found out King Orin had pardoned Ronal.
  • In "Happy New Year":
    • After losing a sparring match, Lagoon Boy vowed to one day defeat Nightwing, calling him "chum".
    • After Lagoon Boy released the Kroloteans' captives from their holding cell, UN Secretary Tseng apologized for their reaction to Lagoon Boy's alien-looking appearance. He brushed it off, saying he got that reaction a lot, "chum."
  • In "Depths", Lagoon Boy scornfully called Superboy "chum" after Miss Martin fed him some cooked crab.
  • In "Darkest", La'gaan called Aqualad "chum" all the while promising to get back at him for his betrayal.

"Neptune's Beard"

King Sha'ark and Lagoon Boy use the facial hair of their patron god as an expletive.

  • In "...Here There be Monsters", Sha'ark invoked the phrase in frustration at owing Topo his life.
  • In "Players, Chapter Two: Directly to Jail", Lagoon Boy used the phrase as he remarked that the abduction of certain heroes and the forcefield forming around Metropolis could not be a coincidence.
  • In "Happy New Year":
    • Lagoon Boy exclaimed "Neptune's Beard" upon losing a sparring match with Nightwing.
    • He invoked it again when he was not assigned to Alpha Squad.
  • In "Alienated":
  • In "Depths":
    • Lagoon Boy bemoaned that he was stereotyped as "the water guy" while Miss Martian was assigned to a mission with Superboy and exclaimed "Neptune's Beard" in frustration.
    • He shouted it later in anger after Superboy called him a "rookie".
  • In "Darkest", he exclaimed it before telling Aqualad that he could not believe he had once idolized him.
  • In "The Fix":
    • He shouted it while struggling with Nightwing and Superboy to get out of the hospital bed and go save Miss Martian.
    • Later on, he exclaimed it after finding out that Aqualad is not a traitor and Artemis is not really dead.
  • In "Intervention", he exclaimed it after Miss Martian decides to break up with him.
  • In "Endgame", shouted it in Greek (Poseidonos Pogon!)[1] after successfully neutralizing the Magnetic Field Disruptor in the Atlantic Ocean.


Angelfish is Lagoon Boy's pet name for Miss Martian.

  • In "Happy New Year" he called Miss Martian "Angelfish" as he welcomed her home.
  • In "Alienated", Miss Martian surmised that the Kroloteans were trying to build a new ship, at which point Lagoon Boy chimed in and calls her "Angelfish".
  • In "Salvage", as he invited her to resume their movie night.
  • In "Depths":
    • He said it to M'gann as he explained to her that he couldn't help himself from chomping down on cooked crabs.
    • He referred to Miss Martian so, as he told Nightwing he was eager to join her on her assignment.
  • In "The Fix":
    • He said it to M'gann as he encouraged her to read Green Beetle's mind.
    • He said it to M'gann again when he asked her to go somewhere private to talk.
    • Later on, he said it again to M'gann while pleading her to open up about why she has been avoiding him.
  • In "Intervention":
    • He said it after he was reunited with Miss Martian.
    • He said it again when he tried and failed to convince M'gann not to end their relationship.


Beast Boy, eager to please, continually uses the term "noted" when he receives useful information, even if he doesn't fully understand it.

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