Lois Lane is a journalist from the Daily Planet.[1]

Physical appearance

Lois is a Caucasian woman with grayish blue eyes. Her hair is long and black, and she keeps it loosely tied back.



Central City
September 29, 22:56 CDT

Lois brought Jonathan to a play date with the children of other heroes, hosted by Iris West-Allen. Jonathan played with the children and his mother caught up with the other parents.[2]


Background information

  • Lois Lane has been around for as long as Superman has been, and has been a stalwart member of his supporting cast. She is an intrepid reporter and Superman's oldest and most constant love interest.
  • This is her 19th animated appearance. She first appeared in 1941's Superman animated serial by Max Fleischer, followed by The New Adventures Of Superman, Super Friends, the 1988 Ruby/Spears Superman animated series, the DC Animated Universe (Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League), Superman: Brainiac Attacks, The Batman, Superman: Doomsday, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League: Doom, Superman vs. The Elite, Superman: Unbound, the Tales of Metropolis shorts, Justice League: War and its sequels, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, the DC Super Hero Girls web series and Justice League Action.


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