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Lords of Chaos are powerful magical beings, and the ultimate enemies of the Lords of Order. Lords of Chaos want to destroy all order and make the world fall into the control of chaos. Lords of Chaos are extra-dimensional beings; in order to manifest in the physical realm, they have to be anchored by a host or through a familiar.[1]

It is impossible to stop or even contain a Lord of Chaos, because they are chaos incarnate. Thus, even Doctor Fate stresses that it is futile to try to kill or capture one. The most that can be done is to foil their plans for chaos and defeat them temporarily, but chaos is an eternal force in the universe and will always rise another day.[2]



The origins of the Lords of Order and Chaos trace back to the early days of the universe itself, 16 billions of years ago. They were born from the conflict between opposing forces and were entrusted to maintain the sacred balance between them, thus safekeeping the universe's integrity.[3]

There are thousands of Chaos Lords. The number gathered at any one time varies,[4] as many take mortal form to cause chaos throughout the universe.[5]


Believing that Vandal Savage had been stagnating Chaos on Earth by pacifying Klarion's more destructive impulses, the Lords sent Child to cause destruction and chaos to bring balance, granting her all their power.[6] The Stranger brought Savage before them and the Lords of Order; using the Stranger as their mouthpiece, the Lords told their side in believing Savage's alliance with Darkseid would bring too much Order and disrupt the balance. Savage called them out of shortsightedness; Earth was but one world and that he is destined to fight Darkseid after the universe has been conquered by both in a final battle. If Darkseid won, the Anti-Life Equation would wipe out all free will; Chaos would be moot as well as Order. The Lords all agreed to stop helping Child and to let the scales balance naturally.[7]

When Zatanna attempted to get Klarion's help to save Superboy from the Phantom Zone, she invoked the Lords of Chaos to force him to honor his debt to her for bringing him back to the material plane. They spoke to him through Teekl, and be begrudgingly complied, but chose to honor the debt by sparing their lives, not helping them.[8]

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