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Lords of Order are powerful beings of pure energy, whose task is to maintain order in the universe. Their opposite are the Lords of Chaos.[1]

Unlike the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Order rarely descend to Earth, preferring to use mortal emissaries as their agents, as they theorized their earthly ties would allow a better understanding of the problems the Chaos created for humankind.[2] Like their counterparts, to maintain a presence in the mortal plane, Lords of Order also require an anchor to tether to the physical world.



The origins of the Lords of Order and Chaos trace back to the early days of the universe itself, 16 billions of years ago. They were born from the conflict between opposing forces and were entrusted to maintain the sacred balance between them, thus safekeeping the universe's integrity.[1] There are thousands of Lords of Order. The number gathered at any one time varies.[3]

Around 10,000 BCE, the Lords of Order decided to appoint Arion as their first agent of Order on Earth, sending him a circlet which granted him potent magical abilities.[4]

After Arion's death, the Lords reconsidered their position. Intrigued by the death of Nabu, the son of Marduk, around 2000 BCE, the Lords offered his spirit the chance to swear fealty to them and become a true Lord of Order. They bound his soul within his helmet to create the Helmet of Fate. When donned by a human host, they become Doctor Fate.[2]


When the Lords of Chaos sent Child to replace Klarion and sow chaos upon Earth, the Lords of Order offered no additional help beyond Doctor Fate. Vandal Savage met with both the Lords of Order and Chaos and convinced them that the balance would best be served if Child was prevented from destroying Earth, noting that his conflict with Darkseid might be the only thing to prevent Darkseid from spreading Anti-Life throughout the galaxy, which upset the balance irrevocably.[5]

When a cloned Arion donned Arion's crown, the Lords of Order immediately killed him and depowered the crown, retrieving its power to the source.[6]

Known members



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