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M'aatt M'orzz is M'gann M'orzz's father.


Physical appearance


M'aatt M'orzz comes from a White Martian family. At somepoint, he met and fell in love with J'ann M'orzz, a Green Martian and they eventually married despite their marriage being strongly prohibited. He and his wife came to have 17 sons and 12 daughters, with only two, a son and a daughter, being White Martians. Although M'aatt and J'ann loved all their children uncondtionally, they failed to teach them acceptance and tolerance, resulting in many of them failing to treat their younger White Martian siblings with respect.[4]

In July 2016, M'aatt and J'ann met Conner Kent and Garfield Logan for the first time when they came to Mars alongside M'gann for a mission.[5]


When M'gann and Conner began making plans for their wedding, M'aatt and J'ann greatly supported and accepted the couple's marriage and were happy they decided to hold a traditional religious ceremony on Mars. In preparation, M'aatt and J'ann began their search to find a Sorcerer-Priestess willing to officiate the wedding and later met S'yraa S'mitt, who agreed despite the potential repercussions for performing a mix-species ceremony.[6][4]

Powers and abilities


  • Organic clothing: M'aatt wears organic clothing that can change size, shape, and color in response to his mental commands.[6]


  • Intense heat: Like all Martians, M'aatt is vulnerable to intense heat, but managed to endure a certain amount to partake in building the sacred altar.[7]


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Despite being different colored Martians, M'aatt and J'ann fell in love and married. Due to racial prejudice, however, they faced many challenges, particularly when J'ann's entire family disowned her for marrying a White Martian and refused to associate with M'aatt or take part in rituals when they were married. Although they suffered greatly, M'aatt and J'ann's relationship remained strong and loving.[7][8]

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M'aatt was very accepting of M'gann and Conner's relationship and happily welcomed him into the family when the couple planned to marry. Conner treated M'aatt with respect who insisted that Conner call him by name instead of "sir" while also addressing Conner as "son".[6][4]


Background information

  • M'aatt M'orzz is a character created for Young Justice. None of Miss Martian's family members have appeared in the comics.
  • M'aatt is voiced by Carl Lumbly, who provided the voice of Martian Manhunter in the DCAU.


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