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M.O.N.Q.I.s, or Mobile Optimal Neural Quotient Infiltrators, are small monkey robots built by Professor Ivo.

Physical appearance[]

MONQIs are small, monkey-like robots. Their bodies are sleek and aerodynamic. They are dark metallic gray in color, except for their eyes, the joints in their armor, and their mouths which glow green. They are equipped with rocket packs.[1]



Litchfield County
August 3, 20:08 EDT

The MONQIs were sent by Ivo to follow the GPS signal emitted by the dismantled components of Amazo and retrieve them. They succeeded, but many were later destroyed by Superboy. Two surviving MONQIs accompanied Ivo to Gotham Academy to watch the fight between Superboy and Amazo.[1] Artemis also fought many of them outside the school.[2]

New Orleans
December 5, 22:18 CST

Sportsmaster procured a MONQI that could help Ivo with his experimentation of Starro.[3]


At some point, Robin salvaged and repaired some damaged MONQIs and a Professor Ivo android from one of Ivo's old bases.[4]


On January 1, a picture of a MONQI was posted to the Outsiders' 1K Wordsworth feed, seemingly by a young Irish girl, but in fact by Oracle as part of the "Anti-Light"'s plan to lure the Outsiders into taking down a secret Spider Bot facility. The Outsiders saw it and immediately responded.[4]

January 01, post-22:41 UTC

After speaking to the girl's "father" and finding she had been "abducted" by MONQIs, they tracked her to the Radley Overshoe Factory, where they found the girl, a number of dormant Spider Bots, and the Ivo android and MONQIs remotely controlled by Robin. The Outsiders fought and defeated the robots, but the Ivo android had a self-destruct, which destroyed the factory and all the Spider Bots.[4]


The MONQIs are not individually powerful, but can overwhelm defences in large numbers. They possess rockets on their back that allow them to fly, as well as optic blasts powerful enough to cut through and melt metal, and temporarily blind Superboy.[1]




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