M'comm M'orzz is a white Martian and one of Miss Martian's brothers. Though he prefers being called Ma'alefa'ak, a sobriquet he took from a rabid beast indigenous to Mars.

Physical appearance

M'comm looks similar to other white Martians. He is roughly the same height as his sister M'gann.[1]


Early history

M'comm's mother is a green Martian, the sister of J'onn J'onzz, and his father is a white Martian.[2] He has thirteen sisters and sixteen brothers, and an extended family of 300 cousins.[3] M'comm and M'gann are the only children who are white Martians; their other siblings are all green.[2] Growing up, they faced the prejudice of green Martians together, and M'gann would always defend her little brother. The years of mistreatment made M'comm violent and angry.

While his sister was on Earth, he endured the prejudice of the greens and reds on Mars on his own. He used the imagery of the Ma'alefa'ak to strike fear in his tormentors and was working on a white revolution, and was promised help from an outside agent in return for some favors on New Genesis.[1]


New Genesis
August 04, 00:16 UTC

M'comm's powers came in useful on his mission, which involved setting up the Bugs against the New Gods. He saw much of his own struggle against oppression in them, and with his shape-shifting and telepathy, could easily fan the flames. He deceived the Bugs by passing himself off as Orion, trading the gems for goods that turned out to be fake. With help from brainwashed Earth meta-humans Giant and Blister, he easily stole their prize, planting a seed of rebellion in Bug leader Mantis.

The incident got the attention of the Forever People and Bear brought in the Team. "Orion" was called in for a new trade, this time of food, and Miss Martian recognized her brother. She forced him to abandon his act and called him out. But to him, the end was more important than the means. He attacked her and they dueled psychically, but M'comm was not strong enough. He was overpowered, so he activated a failsafe in the meta-humans, knowing the death of the two teens would hurt her, and was able to escape after swearing revenge on Forager for bringing the heroes.[1]

Powers and abilities


Background information

In the comics, Ma'alefa'ak "Malefic" J'onzz is Martian Manhunter's evil twin brother. He was a featured villain in Justice League: Doom.


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