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M'comm M'orzz is a White Martian extremist and one of Miss Martian's brothers. Radicalized by years of systemic injustice, he seeks to topple Green and Red Martian hegemony on Mars by leading a White Martian uprising. To this end, he calls himself Ma'alefa'ak, a sobriquet he took from a rabid beast indigenous to Mars.


Due to the discrimination he faced on Mars, M'comm is an extremely bitter and angry individual, having no qualms committing all manner of unspeakable acts and crimes so long as it benefits him.

He also seems to be rather sadistic, shown to exude great thrill in inflicting fear on others, and having no qualms outright murdering mutated teens just to prove a point.

Additionally, he is also highly discriminatory to virtually all races, looking down on Green Martians, as well as Bugs and humans.

Ma'alefa'ak sees the Bugs situation similar to the White Martians and feels that he was doing the Bugs a favor giving "a little push" by framing New Gods and psychically influencing them [5]

Ma'alefa'ak's hatred for the Green and Red Martians is so great he is willing to die if it means killing them all as seen when he meets with Desaad of Apokolips, procuring a virus bomb to kill every Red, Green and Yellow Martian in two days; possibly even himself and M'gann for being half Green; claiming he truly didn't care.[6]

He also displays a great deal of resentment and anger towards M'gann for abandoning him on Mars after she left for Earth years ago and refuses to forgive her despite her attempts to reconcile. He also displays no remorse or guilt over his wrongful actions, including the role he played in Superboy's supposed death and even after meeting his attempted killer, he expresses his gratitude, knowing the pain it brought to his sister over losing her fiancé.[6][7]

Physical appearance

M'comm looks similar to other White Martians. He is roughly the same height as his sister M'gann.[5]


Early history

M'comm was one of the many children born to Green Martian J'ann M'orzz and White Martian M'aatt M'orzz.[8][9] Of 29 children total—12 sisters[4] and 16 brothers—M'comm and his sister M'gann are the only White Martians among them; their other siblings are all Green.[8] Growing up, they faced the prejudices of Martian society together, from both within their family and without,[6] though M'gann would always defend her little brother.[5]

While his sister was on Earth, he endured the prejudice of the Greens and Reds on Mars on his own, and he felt abandoned and betrayed because M'gann fled to Earth without him.[6] The years of systemic mistreatment hardened M'comm and gave fuel to a self-righteous reckoning. In time, he began to plot a White Martian uprising and, to this end, adopted the imagery of the Ma'alefa'ak to strike fear in his tormentors. This fledgling revolution gained the attention of constituents from the planet Apokolips, who promised to help to his cause in return for some favors on New Genesis.[5][6]


New Genesis
August 04, 00:16 UTC

M'comm's powers came in useful on his mission, which involved setting up the Bugs against the New Gods. He saw much of his own struggle against oppression in them, and with his shape-shifting and telepathy, could easily fan the flames. He deceived the Bugs by passing himself off as Orion, trading the gems for goods that turned out to be fake. With help from brainwashed Earth meta-humans Giant and Blister, he easily stole their prize, planting a seed of rebellion in Bug leader Mantis.

The incident got the attention of the Forever People and Bear brought in the Team. "Orion" was called in for a new trade, this time of food, and Miss Martian recognized her brother. She forced him to abandon his act and called him out. But to him, the end was more important than the means. He attacked her and they dueled psychically, but M'comm was not strong enough. He was overpowered, so he activated a failsafe in the meta-humans, knowing the death of the two teens would hurt her, and was able to escape after swearing revenge on Forager for bringing the heroes.[5]


M'comm's lair
March 22, 17:38 UTC

M'comm telepathically communicated with other radical White Martians and reasserted their common cause. He encouraged his Martian brethren to rise up against the Green Martians and their Earthling allies. Later, during the Zeta-Tube testing, M'comm was spotted by her sister Miss Martian who sensed him despite his camouflage. She telekinetically pinned him against a wall, where he was captured by M'hontrrs.[9]

March 23, 00:22 UTC

M'comm got arrested by the M'hontrrs for the supposedly sabotage of the Zeta-Tube. M'gann attempted to defend his brother to them explaining he was under their supervision when it exploded. The M'hontrrs were not convinced and take Ma'alefa'ak away as he claimed to be arrested because he was A'ashenn.

In his prison cell, M'comm blamed his parents for their tolerance and their inaction to his persecution. Afterward, M'comm was alone with her sister M'gann, whom he blamed for abandoning him, while going to Earth and giving more attention to his other brother Beast Boy. When her sister threatened to extract information from him "the hard way", he called her bluff and requested to be release since the law didn't have anything against him.[6]

M'comm's lair
March 23, post-15:51 UTC

Desaad arrived via boom tube to deliver a gene-bomb from Darkseid, as repayment for his help on New Genesis. Ma'alefa'ak asserted he didn't care whether the bomb had effects on mixed-raced Martian, as long as every B'lahdenn and G'arrunn would die in the following couple of days.[6]

March 25, 16:16 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak sneaked into the Royal Palace, planted the gene-bomb underneath the throne room and activated it, all the while being watched by Lor-Zod. Back in his cavern, M'gann paid him a visit to apologize for abandoning him when they were younger and asked him to reconcile with his family. M'comm wasn't interested, however, and ask her to tell to their mother goodbye, apologize to their father and sarcastically wished M'gann luck with the wedding as she left.[10]

In the aftermath of Superboy's death after he stopped the gene-bomb, M'comm left his lair and fled to another cave.[11]

April 20, 22:27 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak gave a speech to his White Martian supporters, claiming that despite failing to kill the B'lahdenns and G'arruns, they still managed to spread terror among the Martians and that itself was a victory. The meeting was suddenly interrupted by a furious M'gann, seeking revenge against her brother for killing Conner with Kryptonite laced into the gene-bomb. M'comm was surprised by his sister's rage and showed no remorse for his role in Conner's death, but revealed he did not know what Kryptonite was. M'gann did not believe her brother and attacked him until M'comm willingly opened his mind for M'gann to read, who confirmed he was telling the truth and released him from her grasp. M'comm made his escape and boom tubed out of the cave.[12]

Ma'alefa'ak went to Apokolips, where he was tasked with tracking down rebels.[1]

August 26, 20:43 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak posed as a Hunger Dog named Graggin and gave a speech in a bar to inspire rebellion against Darkseid. After he was thrown out of the bar, Jovita approached him, intrigued by what he said. He took her to a remote building to meet some people, but they were ambushed by Parademons. "Graggin" revealed his true self, and had Jovita taken to the Reeducation Center. Grayven appeared from the shadows to congratulate him and take him for a long-awaited audience with Darkseid.

Ma'alefa'ak asked for Darkseid to fulfill his promise. Speaking on his father's behalf, Grayven admonished Ma'alefa'ak for his impudence, then gave him one more task to perform before getting his reward. Grayven called forth Mantis with the Kaizer-Thrall and asked Lor-Zod to show himself. The latter de-camouflaged his Time-Sphere. Grayven ordered Ma'alefa'ak and Mantis to follow Lor-Zod's orders as if they were Darkseid's, and the trio went off in the Time-Sphere.[1]

August 27, 11:50 UTC

Lor-Zod's Time-Sphere arrived at Supertown. He was ready to begin his operation, but Ma'alefa'ak insisted he tell him all about the mission, the why as well as the what. Lor explained his family history, the reason he traveled to the past, and his plans to free his parents. Ma'alefa'ak had Lor confirm he was the one who killed Superboy, and thanked him.[7]

August 28, 11:43 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak posed as Orion to gain intel on how to access the Inter-Dimensional Vault, and spoke to Celestia and Rocket. After getting the information he wanted, he reported back to Lor and they went back in time two days.[13]

Mountain Hive
August 26, 21:59 UTC
Two days earlier

Ma'alefa'ak placed a tracer on a Ruction Cell that would be sent to the Vault.[13]

August 26, 23:00 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak and the others watched from the Time-Sphere as Metron took the Cell away to the Vault. Lor activated the Kaizer-Thrall, which was linked to the tracer, and it teleported them to the Vault.[13]

Mobius Dimension
August 26, 23:06 UTC

After the unpleasant journey, Lor's squad quickly began searching the massive Vault for the Phantom Zone Projector. They came under attack by the Sun-Eater, forcing them to take cover in the Time-Sphere before restarting their search.[13]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 14:11 UTC

They continued their search despite having had to flee the Sun-Eater multiple times. They saw Metron appear to retrieve the Red power ring for Razer. When Metron was returned to the Vault moments later, out of control after being attacked by Razer, Lor quickly punched Metron out of his Mobius Chair and used the Kaizer-Thrall to place both Metron and the chair in a torturous inter-dimensional state. Lor threatened to hold Metron that way until he told them where to find the Phantom Zone Projector.[13]

Mobius Dimension
August 28, 16:55 UTC

Metron's torture continued for over a day. When Ma'alefa'ak let slip Lor was Kryptonian in front of Metron, Metron claimed to yield, but instead of taking them to the Projector, he produced a piece of Kryptonite and then summoned the Sun-Eater and escaped. Mantis was able to pull himself and the others into the Time-Sphere and took it back in time one day.[13]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 17:06 UTC
One day earlier

Having traveled back in time, Mantis surmised the Kryptonian objects were kept together and searched near where Metron had kept the Kryptonite, and quickly found the Projector while Lor and Ma'alefa'ak recovered in the Sphere.[13]

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 17:07 UTC

Mantis returned to the Sphere and had the Kaizer-Thrall take them back to the real world.[14]

New Genesis
August 27, 17:08 UTC

They arrived on the surface, where Mantis dragged a Kryptonite poisoned Lor out before collapsing himself.[14]

New Genesis
August 28, 17:09 UTC

Lor awoke from his Kryptonite poisoning. Ma'alefa'ak explained to him that Mantis had gotten the Projector, but the Time-Sphere had been damaged in their exit. Lor focused on using the Projector, which was out of power. Mantis had an idea where to charge it.[14]

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

After hours waiting at the lakeside while the Projector charged, it finally reached minimum power levels and began to optimize power absorption. Lor spotted a group led by Orion arrive and ordered his companions to defend the Projector. Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted the group, knocking them from the sky. Once the group recovered and approached once more, Ma'alefa'ak engaged Rocket and Orion in a psychic battle. He had them relive the Ruction Cell fight, where Orion lost control and Rocket locked him in a force bubble, but this time "Lightray" tried to convince Rocket to keep Orion trapped. Rocket ultimately chose to free Orion, realizing that his attempts to fight his darkness made him great. This caused Orion to snap out of Ma'alefa'ak's trance and blast the Martian with his flying harness.

By the time Ma'alefa'ak recovered, the Projector was destroyed, and Lor was forcing his way onto a camouflaged Bio-Ship. Ma'alefa'ak joined him aboard, where Lor took Saturn Girl hostage and demanded the Bio-Ship make a getaway or he would kill Saturn Girl.[14]

New Genesis
August 29, 00:24 UTC

Kid Flash tried to use inhibitor collars but Lor was able to track him even at super speed and destroyed them with his heat vision. Chameleon Boy was overpowered by Ma'alefa'ak, and the Bio-Ship was forced to fly away from Boiling Lake.[15]

September 06, 04:22 UTC

Ma'alefa'ak posed as Lightray to gather intel in Supertown. He returned to the Bio-Ship having learned the Kaizer-Thrall had been taken to Oa. Lor had Kid Flash take his place on the Cosmic Treadmill, and the Bio-Ship left for Oa.[15]

September 13, 23:00 UTC

After visiting Oa and finding out the Thrall had been sent to Earth, Lor worried about what the third Legionnaire might be up to, and considered hacking his captives' Legion rings, but Ma'alefa'ak had a simpler solution; he took a ring and posed as the captives. He contacted Phantom Girl and she revealed that Superboy was still alive and there was a plan to go to Trombus to rescue him.[16]

September 13, post-23:45 UTC

After a boom tube was opened into the Phantom Zone, Ma'alefa'ak took control of the Kaizer-Thrall and subdued Superboy's would-be rescuers. Dru-Zod, Ursa Zod, Faora Hu-Ul and Superboy emerged from the boom tube.[16] Ma'alefa'ak psychically uploaded the English language into the Kryptonians' minds.[17][18]

September 14, 00:01 UTC

Dru was skeptical Lor was his son, but Lor proved himself by reciting the secret maxim of the House of Zod. After Faora was sent back to the Zone to gather Dru's army, they were attacked by Green Lantern Forager, Ma'alefa'ak brain blasted her, but knew she would not be incapacitated for long, so Lor insisted on evacuating his parents to Earth.[17]

North Pole
September 14, 00:05 UTC

They emerged in the Fortress of Solitude. Lor urged his parents into solar pods, but first Dru had Ma'alefa'ak open another boom tube to the Zone to free his army.

Dru noted that Nightwing's team was probably preventing their army coming through, so Lor entered the boom tube. Ma'alefa'ak warned him that the boom tube was not able to stay open forever, and was quickly proved right as it began to destabilize, forcing Lor to retreat.

Ma'alefa'ak and the others went outside when Ursa, now the Emerald Empress detected the Bio-Ship approaching. The Emerald Empress blasted the Bio-Ship out of the sky. Superman emerged from the wreckage. When Superman refused Dru offer to join him, Dru and Ma'alefa'ak brought him down with Kryptonite, which Ma'alefa'ak held against his chest.[17]

September 14, post-00:16 EDT

Dru's group boom tubed to Planet Circle. After they engaged in some wanton destruction, Ma'alefa'ak turned the cameras toward Dru, as he addressed the world, claiming it as his. As proof of his dominance, he prepared to order Superboy to kill Superman.[17]

September 14, 05:46 EDT

Dru-Zod ordered Superboy to kill Superman, but Superboy refused. Numerous heroes appeared to fight them. During the ensuing battle, Dru-Zod had Ma'alefa'ak open a new boom tube to the Zone for his army. Kaldur'ahm snatched the Mother-Thrall into the sewer, closing the tube. Motherbox was able to restore Danny's consciousness, but Ma'alefa'ak attacked him again. The Legionnaires intervened, attacking Ma'alefa'ak in both the physical and mental realms. Danny was able to kick the distracted Martian out of his head, and later blasted him through a boom tube into the Phantom Zone. As he fell in, M'gann linked with her brother, making it clear she knew he was glad Conner had "died".

While Klarion hunted every Kryptonian in the Zone for the Light, he also picked up Ma'alefa'ak, who was then turned over to Apokolips.[19]

September 16, 20:21 UTC

Grayven boom tubed to Durla with Ma'alefa'ak, and gave the world to the Martian in reward for his faithful service to Darkseid. The uninhabited world would be a new home for the A'ashenn.[19]

Powers and abilities

  • Martian physiology:
    • Shape-shifting: He can change his form completely altering his physical appearance, including his organic clothing, allowing him to mimic other people or other creatures.[5]
    • Density shifting: This technique enables Martians to move through solid objects.[5]
    • Camouflage: M'comm can change the appearance of his form (and his clothes) to bend the light waves around him to match with his surroundings, making him almost—but not completely—invisible. His chances of staying undetected are diminished if he is moving.
    • Telepathy: Telepathy comes naturally to Martians;[20] he can read minds,[21] mentally communicate with others, and exacerbate ill feelings of Bugs towards the New Gods.[5]
      • Multilingualism: M'comm can speak Martian and New God.[5]
    • Telekinesis[5]
      • Flight: By telekinetically moving himself, he can simulate flight.[22]


Background information

In the comics, Ma'alefa'ak "Malefic" J'onzz is Martian Manhunter's evil twin brother. He was a featured villain in Justice League: Doom.


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