Madame Xanadu is an alleged psychic in New Orleans.



New Orleans
July 27, 21:57 CDT

Kent Nelson visited Xanadu's store, and requested that she make contact with his deceased wife, Inza. During the seance, wind blew around the room and the table appeared to levitate, and Madame Xanadu appeared to channel Inza, saying that she was cold and lonely. However, this show only led to Kent bursting into laughter. Despite her attempts to maintain the illusion and keep the money saying that there were no refunds for non-believers, Kent easily exposed her as a fraud: she used wind machines and tire jacks to make her performance look convincing. He was disappointed at not being able to speak with his wife, and also at the fact that Madame Xanadu was pulling a scam, when in fact she has the right aura for real magic and psychic abilities.

When Madame Xanadu witnessed Abra Kadabra kidnap Kent Nelson and perform apparently real magic in order to make them disappear into thin air, she ran away screaming.[2]


Background and other media

  • In DC Comics, Madame Xanadu is radically different from her cartoon counterpart. Instead of being a con artist, she is in truth a powerful immortal character who is supernaturally sensitive and able to properly foresee the future using Tarot Cards, as well as cast spells, and is actually Nimue from the Arthurian mythos. Madame Xanadu is currently a member of Justice League Dark.


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