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Madame Xanadu (Nimue Inwudu) is an powerful psychic and occultist based in New Orleans.


Early history

Xanadu, real name Nimue Inwudu, was initially not aware she had the potential for magic. She ran a scam operation in fake fortune telling in New Orleans's French Quarter.[2]


New Orleans
July 27, 21:57 CDT

Kent Nelson visited Xanadu's store, and requested that she make contact with his deceased wife, Inza. During the seance, wind blew around the room and the table appeared to levitate, and Madame Xanadu appeared to channel Inza, saying that she was cold and lonely. However, this show only led to Kent bursting into laughter. Despite her attempts to maintain the illusion and keep the money saying that there were no refunds for non-believers, Kent easily exposed her as a fraud: she used wind machines and tire jacks to make her performance look convincing. He was disappointed at not being able to speak with his wife, and also at the fact that Madame Xanadu was pulling a scam, when in fact she has the right aura for real magic and psychic abilities.

When Madame Xanadu witnessed Abra Kadabra kidnap Kent Nelson and perform apparently real magic in order to make them disappear into thin air, she ran away screaming.[3]


Following her encounter with Kent Nelson and Abra Kadabra, Madame Xanadu was inspired to unlock her hidden dormant powers and in time became the greatest seer and medium on Earth. At some point, she also became friends with Zatanna.[2]


New Orleans
May 13, 22:43 CDT

Zatanna and her students visited Madame Xanadu from the Harlem entrance to her parlor. After some introductions were made, Zatanna and Xanadu discussed the wave of chaos energy they had both sensed. Xanadu did not know the cause, but was able to locate a recent position of its source. Xanadu opened a portal there, but reminded Zatanna to pay her fee before leaving. She also offered a parting warning about the power of what she had sensed.[2]

New Orleans
May 14, 04:48 CDT

The Stranger tasked Xanadu with foreseeing Child's next moves. Mystic heroes and members of the Justice League and Outsiders were dispatched to the sites of the disasters as quickly as Xanadu could predict them.[4]

She was among those considered as a possible Justice League reservist.[5]

Bayou Bartholomew
August 27, 19:28 CDT

Nimue spent months trying to locate Superboy's spirit for Zatanna, leading her to the Bayou to cast a spell. Though she saw many souls reflected[6] in the water, she did not find who she was looking for, and called Zatanna with the bad news.[7]

September 03, 00:00 EDT

Madame Xanadu gathered with a number of other powerful magic users around the bell of the Tower of Fate. They attempted a ritual to find Superboy's spirit, but failed.[7]

Powers and abilities

  • Magic:
    • Madame Xanadu has the ability to foresee the future, using tarot cards and a crystal ball to aid her.[4]
    • She is sensitive to magic energy and is able to track it.[2]
    • She has some ability to communicate with the dead,[7] but generally cannot reach a spirit at rest.[8]
    • Her New Orleans parlor is enchanted such that it can be entered through many doors all over the world, and she can create portals in the door leading to other places.[2]


Background and other media

  • In DC Comics, Madame Xanadu is a powerful immortal character who is supernaturally sensitive and able to properly foresee the future using Tarot Cards, as well as cast spells, and is actually Nimue from the Arthurian mythos. Madame Xanadu is currently a member of Justice League Dark.
  • This is her first animated appearance.


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