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Zatanna casting a spell.

Magic and sorcery are the basis of mystical powers.[1] Magic can be considered a substance and sorcery the manipulation of that substance.[2]


Sorcery requires training and practice.[3][4] Genetic and personal affinity for sorcery are also helpful.[5] The use of magic also requires energy, usually provided by the user.[4]

According to Superboy, Zatanna's spells always leave behind a microscopic magical residue that looks slightly different than say Doctor Fate's or Thirteen's. Each magic user's residue is like a signature and Martian magic is basically a signature in different language.[6]

Magic can be channeled in a variety of ways:

  • Spoken words are a common method. A variety of languages are used, though an individual sorcerer will typically use a single language almost exclusively; for example Wotan and Kent Nelson use Latin,[1][7] while Zatara and Zatanna use English spoken backwards.[7][4] This method is referred to as "baby-magic" by a more powerful sorcerer, Klarion. This indicates that it may be the simplest way to channel magic.[8]
  • Magical objects can be used to enhance and/or channel the user's magical powers; examples include Water-Bearers,[9] Kent Nelson's cane[1] and the Sword of Beowulf.[10] Objects can also be used as a vessel to carry spells, such as Zatanna's Glamour Charm.[11]
  • Atlantean students at the Conservatory of Sorcery are given mystic tattoos to enhance their powers.[1] These tattoos glow when magic is used.[9] Users may use spoken words when invoking their powers,[3] but more often do not.[9]
  • Particularly powerful sorcerers, such as Doctor Fate and Klarion, are capable of using magic seemingly at will, without the use of spells or objects.[1]

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