The main titles of each season one episode features a sequence of five to seven clips of the respective episode, in the style of Mission: Impossible. This idea was brought in by Brandon Vietti, who—along with editor Jhoanne Reyes—strove to use images that "tease without spoiling."[1] As of season two, the opening is merely the title screen, so there are no main title clips.


Episode Scenes Mark
"Independence Day" (7)
Captain Cold taking aim 03:16
A G-Elf growls 16:00
Speedy shoots an arrow in midair 02:08
Killer Frost looking up 02:41
The Guardian tackling Aqualad[nb 1] 16:13
Icicle Jr. is hit by Speedy's arrow 02:10
Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad examining the Genomorph project 15:16
"Fireworks"[nb 2] (7)
Superboy waking up inside the pod 20:36
Superboy lurching from the pod 20:38
Robin falling on his back 21:05
Kid Flash trying to restrain Superboy 20:48
Dr. Desmond smirking at a Blockbuster formula 13:15
Aqualad looking at their getaway 13:33
The Guardian's G-Gnome contacts the others inside Kr 20:13
"Welcome to Happy Harbor" (6)
Speedy looking down 00:26
Brick firing a gun 00:31
Red Tornado flying 03:23
Mister Twister's close-up 13:43
Miss Martian makes a telekinetic move 12:02
A tornado zooming in 10:01
"Drop-Zone" (6)
Bane staring 01:41
Kobra-Venom on a computer screen 12:21
Mammoth tackling Superboy 15:29
Kobra looking suspicious 15:18
Robin spots something 14:34
Aqualad taking cover 14:38
"Schooled" (7)
Black Canary throwing a punch 03:57
Superman flying and disconnecting his comm 02:07
Superboy looking mad at the sight of MONQIs 08:42
Batman calling in the Cave, with Black Canary and Superboy's staring at the screen 04:58
Kid Flash talking to Robin while running 16:50
Amazo looking menacing 14:59
Superboy being attacked by a troop of MONQIs 14:28
"Infiltrator" (6)
Serling Roquette looking up 01:16
The Fog decomposed on the Computer screen 05:45
Professor Ojo looks over to Sensei 02:25
Batman stifling Green Arrow 06:54
Artemis sneering at Kid Flash with the Team standing besides him 06:31
Red Arrow teleporting out of the Cave 07:12
"Denial" (6)
Abra Kadabra smirks 02:09
Red Tornado talking about Doctor Fate 04:22
Teekl's glowing eyes 05:58
Inza Nelson's photo on Kent's pocket watch 00:26
Madame Xanadu looming 00:39
Abra Kadabra torturing Kent Nelson 05:51
"Downtime" (6)
Clayface being electrocuted 00:37
Miss Martian standing in front of the fridge reacting to something 06:41
Batman talking to Aqualad 01:22
Aqualad swimming in front of the portal to Poseidonis 02:26
Queen Mera and King Orin 10:34
A Manta Trooper taking a shot 14:03
"Bereft" (6)
Superboy tears his shirt in rage 00:57
Artemis running away from Bialyan soldiers 03:48
Bialyan soldiers holding weapons 08:48
Robin spotting something 01:58
Miss Martian flying in the desert 04:20
Kid Flash and Artemis caught in an explosion backlash 03:30
"Targets" (6)
Megan talking kindly to Superboy 06:39
Red Arrow undercover at the peace summit reaches for his comm 00:48
Cheshire makes her away past security officers 02:14
Cheshire beguiling Red Arrow in jail 08:07
Mercy nodding 03:19
Lex Luthor 02:43
"Terrors" (6)
Batman talking about a mission 02:46
Miss Martian paying attention 01:02
Amanda Waller warning the new inmates 04:01
Superboy acting as Tommy Terror 00:55
Hugo Strange exuding relish 22:00
"Tuppence" and "Tommy" inside the paddy wagon 01:42
"Homefront" (6)
Jade putting on her cap 17:39
Red Tornado teleporting out of the Cave 02:40
Artemis looking up 03:39
Aqualad looking afflicted inside a fire cage 16:05
Robin and Artemis examine the security footage 07:55
Robin crawling inside a tunnel 06:11
"Alpha Male" (6)
Aqualad staring sideways 03:58
Mr. Tawny spots something 00:38
Superboy confronts Aqualad 02:33
Kid Flash hunches down next to Robin 14:08
A macaque growling 15:17
Miss Martian telekinetically moves water with four arms 08:07
"Revelation" (6)
Robin strokes a virtual keyboard with the Team standing behind him 05:30
A giant plant attacking Metropolis 00:27
Count Vertigo reacting to something 07:36
Joker holding a switchblade 03:34
Aqualad dodging a kick 01:33
Zatara incinerates a giant plant 06:36
"Humanity" (6)
Red Tornado zooming in 14:03
Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Miss Martian looking over 03:19
Miss Martian's eyes glow 07:59
T.O. Morrow talking 00:44
Brom Stikk examining Red Torpedo 00:16
T.O. Morrow pulls a sheet out 08:36
"Failsafe" (6)
Red Tornado with the Team standing behind 01:23
Miss Martian shouting 06:41
Superman and Martian Manhunter getting disintegrated 01:00
Red Tornado looks over an alien ship 03:34
A raggedy American flag flapping 07:48
USA army tanks get blown up 08:01
"Disordered" (6)
The Sphere transformed into the Super Cycle 02:35
Red Tornado, Captain Marvel and Martian Manhunter survey the Team on screen 00:27
Bear looking joyful 01:38
Superboy and Wolf riding the Super Cycle 04:19
Black Canary counseling Superboy 01:09
The Motherbox 06:14
"Secrets" (6)
Harm unsheathing the Sword of Beowulf 01:16
Batman stifling Robin in the mole meeting 06:58
Zatanna in Greta's room 17:05
Megan talking with Wally's elbow on her shoulder (reversed) 02:55
Artemis shooting arrows 09:59
Harm walking with fire behind him 09:12
"Misplaced" (6)
Klarion rubbing his hands in delight 00:55
Zatanna talking (reversed) 01:54
Robin and Zatanna working on the Cave's computer 03:40
The gem glowing on the center of the pentagram 14:18
Billy Batson looking shocked 06:31
Klarion in the center of the pentagram 00:33
"Coldhearted" (6)
Megan serving Wally a piece of cake 03:12
Zatanna in polar stealth turning to Robin 04:35
Kid Flash with the backpack 07:01
Aqualad wielding a water whip 08:09
An Ice-Fortress pouring snow 07:55
Kid Flash running in super speed 11:07
"Image" (5)
Megan Wheeler smiling 01:49
Oliver and Dinah looking shocked 00:29
Miss Martian airborne with glowing eyes 09:36
The Team aboard the Bio-Ship 04:31
Miss Martian analyzing a blood sample 10:35
"Agendas" (6)
Superboy angry 21:15
Superman arguing 10:13
Superboy and Wolf inside Cadmus 07:37
Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman 19:54
The Guardian, Dubbilex and Amanda Spence 04:28
Superboy breaking a pod from inside 11:04
"Insecurity" (6)
Professor Ivo talking to T.O. Morrow with Hugo Strange nearby (reversed) 02:15
Red Arrow lines up an arrow 18:04
Artemis arguing with Red Arrow and Kid Flash standing next to her 19:29
A close-up of Sportsmaster 01:17
Artemis lines up an arrow (inverted) 10:19
Red Arrow being tossed away in an explosion 16:42
"Performance" (6)
Jack Haly introducing an act 00:30
The Team dressed up as circus performers 03:58
A close-up of Superboy (reversed) 04:59
Robin and Miss Martian standing in the podium 02:02
Red Arrow and Artemis scouting 04:21
Robin passing by a circus poster 09:17
"Usual Suspects" (6)
The Team gathered at the Cave 09:11
Superboy recomposing himself 09:43
Miss Martian piloting the Bio-Ship 03:56
Batman debriefs the Team in the Cave 08:23
Superboy and Lex Luthor face to face 11:21
Aqualad blocking a blast 16:53
"Auld Acquaintance" (6)
Batman pulling up a picture of Red Arrow 01:59
The Team looking incredulous 01:45
Aqualad kicking a door open (mirrored) 06:14
Superboy looking angry 17:22
Red Arrow taking aim 00:21
Artemis dodging an explosion 15:16

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  1. This scene was cut. The time frame is estimated.
  2. Only the sixth image is from "Fireworks", with all the rest being from "Independence Day".


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