Malina Island

A view of the island.

Malina Island was an island in the Pacific. Black Manta used it as a hideout before it was completely destroyed by an alien bomb.


Malina Island
January 6, 07:10 HAST

After the destruction of the New Orleans-based Krolotean ship and all their smaller bases, the Light offered help by bringing them all to Malina Island, where they worked on building a new ship to leave Earth. Manta provided them with everything they needed.

South Pacific
January 6, 20:32 HAST

The Justice League eventually got information about the base, and sent out a strike force consisting of four squads. The Manta Troopers and Mechs were completely overrun, and the Light's alien Partner saw it as an opportunity to get rid of the Kroloteans. One of his agents planted a bomb at the island's lower levels. Manta was notified, and ordered his troops to retreat. He also told the Team, who also managed to escape. Superman stayed behind to convince the Kroloteans to escape the blast, but they didn't trust him.

When the bomb went off, the explosion engulfed the island and its wide surroundings in mere seconds. All Kroloteans on the island were vaporized, but Superman survived.[1]



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