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The Manta-Sub.

The Manta-Sub is Black Manta's mobile base. It also hosts a smaller Manta-Flyer.



August 27, post-20:06 UTC-2

Black Manta used the Manta-Sub to haul the echinoderm out of the Science Center. Aqualad and Garth prevented the theft, and though Manta had to destroy the echinoderm, he got away. He later contacted the Light in his sub.[1]


North Pacific
January 7, 07:07 HAST

The Manta-Flyer docked with the Manta-Sub, and Kaldur reported to his father about the latest mission. Manta then took his leave to discuss matters with the Light.[2]

Atlantic Ocean
March 20, 00:00 EDT

Kaldur reported to his father about a mission to Cape Canaveral.[3]

Gulf of Mexico
March 23, 16:03 EDT

The Manta-Sub waited in the Gulf so Kaldur could take his strike team to El Paso in the Manta-Flyer.[4]

Atlantic Ocean
March 24, 03:17 EDT

Kaldur linked up with the Manta-Sub after his successful raid on Mount Justice. Black Manta congratulated him, and introduced him to the Light.[4]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 00:13 EDT

Black Manta brought Vandal Savage aboard the Sub to visit the still-catatonic Kaldur'ahm. Manta swore vengeance against Miss Martian, but Savage brought Psimon into the room. They must first restore Kaldur's mind, and Psimon is the albino telepath for the job.[5]

Atlantic Ocean
April 9, 01:16 EDT

Before Psimon could probe too deeply and blow her cover, Tigress secretly sedated him with a drug that mimicked catatonia. She convinced Black Manta that Miss Martian must have planted a psychic bomb, and would be the only one who could undo the damage. Miss Martian was subsequently captured, and brought to Aqualad's quarters. All of her powers, save her telepathy, were suppressed by an inhibitor collar. She began to cure Kaldur's mind.[6]

Atlantic Ocean
May 27, 01:00 EDT

 While the completely recovered Aqualad plotted with Tigress to free Miss Martian, Cheshire and Sportsmaster infiltrate the Manta-Sub to avenge Artemis's death. Their interference allowed Miss Martian to escape, and both Aqualad and Tigress to maintain cover, but at a cost—both assassins were now aware of their ruse.[7]

Caribbean Sea
May 28, 17:00 EDT

 A jubilant Black Manta presented his recovered son to his associates. He was convinced that seeing him in mortal danger was the final catalyst that helped to cure Kaldur'ahm.[7]



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