The Team searches for Aquagirl

The gateway leading to the temple.

Marduk's Temple was built to worship its eponymous Mesopotamian demigod.


Early history

Built in the epicenter of Bialya, presumably around the second millennium BCE, the temple is surrounded by the royal gardens of Esagila. The interior of the temple itself houses an underground temple with a two-way structure, and its wide halls and shrines are ornamented with several stone statues. Deep within there's the king's chamber, which contains the doorway to the Sacred Well Room, the unearthed chamber of Tiamat.


February 18, 09:16 UTC+2

Aqualad led Alpha Squad to find Aquagirl. They made their way to the lush gardens, which were being guarded by LexCorp robots and undead soldiers. After fighting their way through, Alpha Squad arrived at the doorway of the temple and aligned several statues to unlock it.

Tiamat's second form

Tiamat revived in the crying pool.

Inside, Aqualad called in Nightwing, who then lead Beta Squad through the northeast entrance. Both fought their way through the halls until they make it inside the Sacred Well Room, where Klarion was holding Aquagirl and overseeing the final phases of Tiamat's revival.

He raised Tiamat in a water snake form and tried to knock the Tablet of Destiny from inside it. The ensuing fight between the creature and the Team caused parts of the ceiling to tumble down.[1]



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