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Mars seen from outer space.

Mars is a planet located in the same planetary system as the Earth. It is the native home world to the humanoid species known as the Martians, who refer to their planet as M'arzz.[1][2] Its capital city is called Ma'aleca'andra, which serves as the residency of the royal family. It is the home of Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, and B'arzz O'oomm.

Pure humans and meta-humans cannot breathe on Mars; hence why Beast Boy stays in the form of Martian animals. However, Kryptonians can handle breathing normally as long as they do not overexert themselves; a half-Kryptonian like Superboy notably needed a tank when helping build the alter at the lava pool, but was fine in civilized areas.


Mars's underground tunnel systems.

Martians live in caves under the surface, because the surface of the planet is inhospitable. The planet has an active society, where communication is almost entirely telepathic. The green and red Martians look down on the white Martian minority.[3] The planet is ruled by a royal family who are distinct from the other Martians for possessing red skin.[4]

During the reign of King S'turnn J'axx, Mars started to experience a reformation regarding the caste system, where it was being gradually mitigated and, in this way, improve the lives and status of the white Martians. King S'turnn would state publicly more than once that it was a scientific fact that, safe for skin pigmentation, green and white Martians were identical. Not only that, but the king, believing on the cooperation between Mars and its sister planet, Earth, launched a satellite that would allow communication between the two planets and started a project that would create a link through Zeta-Tubes between Mars and Earth. However, in a tragic turn of events, King S'turnn was murdered, with the culprit being able to evade the other Martian's telepathic powers, leaving their identity unknown. This caused the green and white Martians to start blaming each other.

After the death of the king, his wife, Queen J'arlia J'axx, took over the rule over Mars. In consequence of the mystery behind her late husband's death, the queen rolled back all the reforms the king had made. Fortunately, her firm belief that cooperation with Earth would better protect Mars from the dangerous of their galaxy and identify possible meta-human threats from Apokolips allowed her to proceed with the Zeta-Tube project, despite the protests of the more conservative Martians, such as her Consul-General, R'ess E'dda, who believed Earth to be a danger to their culture and way of life.

Martian native species

Notable Martians




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