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Martians are a species of super-powered aliens native to the planet Mars.


White Martian

A White Martian's natural form.

Martians are a bipedal species with long limbs and fingers. They have a narrow abdomen, revealing the form of a wide pelvis. They also have a membrane under their upper arm, and thick protective skin on their lower arms. Their faces are squat, with exposed teeth and gums, and small red eyes. Even in adolescence, Martians are about one-and-a-half times the height of a human.[1][2]

The Martian lifespan can reach up to 300 Earth years.[3] Martians age approximately three times slower than Earth humans do. Forty-eight Earth years is considered adolescence.[4]

There are three natural skin colors in Martians: Green (G'arrunn), Red (B'lahdenn) and White (A'ashenn).[5][6][7] Genetically, the difference is minor, but culturally it has been the subject of much strife. Martians of different color are capable of producing viable offspring, who will be one color or the other.[2] A child's skin color will always match at least one parent; a White and Green couple could never have Red offspring, for example. The exact shade of green, white or red varies between individuals. This is not due to mixed genetic heritage; for example, there is no reason to suspect a Martian with light green skin has White ancestry.[8]

Martian families are usually large. Miss Martian has eleven sisters on Mars,[9][10] as well as seventeen brothers and roughly 300 cousins.[5] Martian Manhunter also has a few hundred nieces and nephews.[11]

The Martians come from a much colder world, allowing them to survive in lower temperatures that would kill a human,[12] and making them far more sensitive to high temperatures.[13]

Martians come from Mars, which has an atmosphere completely different to Earth's; but as a species, they are able to alter their physiology so that they can breathe and operate in most environments.[14]


Martians revere sorcerer-priests and priestesses.[15]

Martian sibling relationships are very different to those of humans.[9] According to Miss Martian, families are close due to their telepathic communications.[5]

Large families and long life spans have led to an overpopulation problem on Mars. This in part drives caste-based prejudice to create a scapegoat.[16]

Green Martians make up the majority. White Martians are treated as second class citizens,[5][17] while the Red Martians are considered royalty. Prejudice is primarily based on actual skin color; there is little discrimination against the Green offspring of mixed parents.[8] There is a fourth caste consisting of "Yellow" (Y'ellonn) Martians made up of the sorcerer-priests and priestesses. There are no Yellow-born Martians, but as part of becoming a sorcerer-priest or priestess a suitable member of any caste takes part in a ceremony[18] to change their skin color to yellow and won't ever change it again thereafter.[19] All Y'ellonn are treated equally, regardless of their birth caste. Y'ellon are generally held in high regard, below B'lahdenn but above G'arrunn. They are expected to be apolitical.[18]

Shape-shifting into other forms is a common game on Mars: since Martians are shape-shifters and mind readers, they would see through the façade and it is considered harmless.[1]

Martians have a fondness for Earth television, they find it very entertaining.[20] Ever since the Martian Manhunter started to broadcast Earth's television signals to Mars, many Martians started to take the form of many Earthling celebrities, both fictional and real, even mixing it with their real Martian forms.[6]

Because all Martians are telepaths, news can travel very fast between their species. Their telepathy also makes it extremely difficult for someone to get away with a crime, whatever it is. Because of that, whenever a crime is committed and they can't find the culprit, they have little to none experience to find the guilty party.[7]

In regards to marriage, the female Martian must seek the blessing and permission of her future spouse's parents before they are allowed to be wed. The couple takes part in Ma'ayava'ana, a pre-ceremony taking place upon the Sacred River. During the ceremony, the priest or priestess, who performs both the Ma'ayava'ana and the actual wedding, invokes the goddess of life, C'eridy'all, to bestow the couple the gift of love. Afterwards preparations for the wedding are soon underway and both the bride and groom must take part in sacred duties.

The groom constructs the altar alongside his friends and future-in-laws as a monument to showcase his worthiness, devotion to his bride and the newly formed bond between him and his in-laws whilst the bride and her family construct a crystal canopy as a reflection of their family. However, marriage between mixed Martians species is prohibited as many do not approve and some families are willing to disown those who go forward with their marriages. The priest or priestess themselves would also face inevitable repercussions for performing the marriage ceremony.[6][7][21]

Same-sex marriages are permitted by some, but not all, of the sorcerer priesthood. Where traditional marriage rites are followed, typically both parties work on both the altar and the canopy.[22]


Most Martians have abilities that are not possessed by normal humans. These include:

  • Physical abilities:

    Shape-shifting is a signature trait among Martians.

    • Shape-shifting: Able to transform into any living organism, android or creature. A higher level of training is required to shape-shift into forms that are very different from a Martian's natural form.[23]
    • Camouflage: The ability to blend within the environment by changing the appearance of their form to bend the light waves around them to match with their surroundings,[24] becoming near-invisible.
    • Healing: Due to their shape-shifting powers, Martians heal faster than humans.[25]
    • Density shifting: Density shifting enables Martians to move through solid objects or become incredibly dense and difficult to damage.[26] This is an advanced technique not innately possessed by all Martians. It requires a considerable amount of training to master.[23]
    • Super strength: Martians are stronger than humans, though not as strong as Kryptonians.[25] Martians can augment their strength by focusing their telekinesis in their body and use it in a tactile way.[26]
    • Durability: Martian bodies are denser than a humans but not nearly as durable as a Kryptonian.[25] Martians are also immune to human diseases.[27]
    • Longevity: The Martian lifespan can reach up to 300 Earth years.[3] Martians age approximately three times slower than Earth humans do. Forty-eight Earth years is considered adolescence.[4]
  • Mental abilities:
    • Telepathy: On Mars, all Martians use telepathy to communicate.[23]
    • Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate, move and control objects with the power of one's mind without physically touching them.[23]
      • Flight: By telekinetically moving themselves, Martians can simulate flight.[25]


Martian pyrophobia

All Martians are physically sensitive to high temperatures.

  • Heat exposure: All Martians are vulnerable to heat. They can easily be harmed or injured when exposed to fire or heat.[13][28]
  • Scrambler: These long rod devices can shock a target when the tip is pressed against them, preventing them from density shifting.

Notable Martians[]

Green Martians (G'arrunn)[]

White Martians (A'ashenn)[]

Red Martians (B'lahdenn)[]

Former royalty[]

"Yellow" Martians (Y'ellonn)[]

Background information[]

  • In DC comics, the Martian species was for the most part extinct hundreds of years ago, leaving only J'onn J'onzz and a handful of White Martians, including Miss Martian (a White Martian who makes herself look Green) alive in the galaxy.
  • The four skin colors have different origins.
    • Originally, when Martian Manhunter was introduced, all Martians were green.
    • White Martians were introduced in Justice League of America (1969) as "Pole Dwellers", whereas the Greens were Desert Dwellers. The two races were locked in a civil war that ended up in a genocide. Later versions show them living together, but with the White martians in an inferior position. The more warlike white Martians are almost exclusively antagonistic.
    • Red Martians are based on Red Saturnians. As part of Jemm, son of Saturn, Red and White Saturnians were clones of Green and White Martians. While Jemm was royalty, Reds have no position in Martian society.
    • Yellow Martians were originally an enemy of Wonder Woman in the Silver Age, not attached to the Mars of J'onn J'onzz. In 2019's Martian Manhunter series, they were reintroduced as the Goldflesh, a group that stayed neutral in the Civil War between Whiteflesh and Greenflesh, but mostly for self-serving purposes. Their role as shape-shifted clergy is unique to Young Justice.
  • The names for the different Martian "species" were invented by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman.[30] Whereas G'arrunn and Y'ellonn seem to be broken English variations of the words "green" and "yellow" respectively, B'lahdenn and A'ashenn sound closer to "blood" and "ash", which not only allude synecdochally to the colors "red" and "white", but also to their symbolic meanings—blood/red: royalty; ash/white: dirt.


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