Mary West is the mother of Wally West (Kid Flash) and the wife of Rudy West. She is fully aware of her son's dual life as a superhero, and has grown quite used to it.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Mary is a slightly plump Caucasian woman with green eyes like her son, and short slightly curled red hair.[2]

History Edit

2010 Edit

Central City
July 5, 05:17:16 CDT

Mary and Rudy listened as their son recounted how he had gone on a mission with Robin and Aqualad, and freed Superboy. She welcomed their new guest, and allowed him to stay at the house.[2]

Central City
July 6, 16:45:16 CDT

Fed up with her son's inactivity, she urged Wally and Superboy to go outside. She gave him a credit card that had come in the mail from Batman.[2]

Central City
August 27, 20:05 CDT

The Wests hosted a birthday party for Jay Garrick. After being impressed by Barry Allen using speed to politely take their plates, she embarrassed Wally by saying his speed didn't compare to Wally's when it came to chores, to which Joan Garrick sympathized. Mary then had to call out her son for eating all the ice cream.[3]

Central City
November 6, post-00:01 EDT

After having been trapped in a dimension without children, Rudy and Mary were happily reunited with Wally, who had helped stop Klarion's plan.[4]

Central City
November 11, 07:16 CST

On the morning of Wally's sixteenth birthday, Mary made him his favorite breakfast. She turned on the television, where Iris West-Allen congratulated her nephew live on-air.[5]

Central City
November 11, post-19:08 CST

Rudy and Mary watched Iris West-Allen report on GBS News that the last ice fortress had been destroyed, and that Queen Perdita had died on the operating table despite the best efforts of Kid Flash and the Seattle Medical Center.[5]

2016 Edit

Central City
June 20, 22:16 CDT

After Wally died saving the world, Artemis visited the Wests. She didn't say a word, but started crying as soon as they opened the door. Mary and Rudy hugged her, and comforted her on the porch.[6]

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References Edit

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