Maurice Bodaway is Shelly Longshadow's bad-tempered Ex-boyfriend.

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El Paso
February 18, pre-23:56 MST
Maurice and Tye, Shelly's son, got in another one of their arguments. Tye ran off.[2]
El Paso
February 19, post-10:06 MST

Maurice returned home because he had forgotten to bring his lunch. He was surprised to see Jaime Reyes in his house, and threatened to report him for ditching class. Jaime asked him about Tye, but Maurice was in no mood to talk. Shelly calmed them down by taking Jaime outside.[2]

El Paso
February 19, post-15:12 MST

At night, Jaime checked out a shed at school, which Maurice used for his work. But Maurice was there too, and planned to teach the boy a lesson. Jaime evaded his attack, and discovered a large stash of pirated DVDs in the shed. Maurice told him to forget what he saw, but Jaime didn't.[2] He was arrested and fired.[3]

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