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May 27, 2016[nb 1] is the 27th day in the month of May 2016.


  • 01:00 EDT: Frustrated at her lack of progress, Black Manta gives Miss Martian a 24-hour ultimatum to finish fixing Kaldur'ahm, or die. The three hatch a plan to set her free, but the plan is complicated by Sportsmaster and Cheshire invading the Manta-Sub to take their vengeance. Upon learning the truth about Artemis's "death", they withdraw, allowing Miss Martian to escape, and still let Kaldur'ahm and Tigress maintain their deep cover.[1]
  • 06:04 UTC: Nightwing debriefs Blue Beetle on the disappearance of his Team, and sends him home to recover. With the crystal key missing, the Justice League guards the crystal chamber, while Nightwing investigates for clues. He finds scratches on the floor, a damaged airlock, and Robin's birdarang containing nanites from Blue Beetle's armor.[1]
  • 00:06 MDT: Blue Beetle and Green Beetle arrive via Fate portal at Jaime's home, and the pair separate after nodding.[1]
  • 06:36 UTC: The Reach has the crystal key in their possession, and most of the Team locked in stasis cells on the Warworld.  Arsenal, still free, is continually assailed by Reach soldiers intent on capturing him.[2]


  1. Series producer Greg Weisman stated that even though the series does not have a "canon year", the production team based the days of the week of season one on the 2010 calendar. In "Happy New Year" there's a five year time jump, making the current year 2016. (Weisman, Greg (2011-11-18). Question #13695. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2011-11-18.).

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