McDonald's has created several Young Justice toys as part of their "Happy Meal" offerings for boys.

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2011 Edit

First wave McDonald YJ toys

Young Justice "Happy Meal" toys (L-R): Robin, Batman, Superboy, Superman, Aqualad, Black Manta, Kid Flash, and Captain Cold.

McDonald's first promotion for Young Justice featured eight different figures of characters from the show, incorporating various gimmicks into them. The promotion featured no female characters at all, despite there being two on the Team, which caught the attention of both fans[1][2] and producer Greg Weisman.[3] The Littlest Pet Shop was the promotion for girls.

The Young Justice figures available in the first wave are:

  • Kid Flash, with simulated running rolling base;
  • Robin, with missile-launching motorcycle;
  • Batman, with cape flapping action;
  • Superman, with dual arm smashing action;
  • Superboy, with light-up eyes and chest symbol, plus arm smashing action;
  • Captain Cold, with ice missile firing gun;
  • Black Manta, with light-up eyes; and
  • Aqualad, with light-up arm decoration.

2012 Edit

Second wave McDonald YJ toys.png

Young Justice fingerboards (L-R): Robin, Batman, Superboy, Superman, Aqualad, and Kid Flash.

The second Young Justice promotion featured six different fingerboards aimed at boys while Littlest Pet Shop was once again the promotion for girls. Each of the fingerboards are stylized after a character from the show, with unique colorways and art depicted on the undersides.

The Young Justice fingerboards available in the second wave are:

  • Robin fingerboard;
  • Batman fingerboard;
  • Superboy fingerboard;
  • Superman fingerboard;
  • Aqualad fingerboard; and
  • Kid Flash fingerboard.

References Edit

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