A Mech taking a bead on Superboy and Alanna.

The Mech is a vehicle used by Kroloteans.



January 4, post-22:17 UTC

After the Kroloteans discovered Zeta Squad–Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy–and their guide Alanna had infiltrated their base, they sent out multiple Mechs to retrieve them.

Chased by the Mechs, the intruders had to split up. Miss Martian and Beast Boy were captured and stored in one; the Kroloteans thought they were sufficient, and did not pursue the others. Superboy and Alanna ambushed the group of Mechs that were returning to the Krolotean base, and rescued their prisoners.[1]

Malina Island
January 6, 07:10 HAST

The Mechs were used to build a spaceship for the Kroloteans' return home. However, once they discovered the "Meta-Earthlings", they deployed them as weapons instead. Aquaman and Lagoon Boy took down multiple, Superman got one, Superboy destroyed four in one attack, and Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl each destroyed two with their lassos. The rest of the Mechs were destroyed when the island was blown up by a bomb planted by an agent of the Competitor.[2]



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