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  • Mr. Administrator, I would like to please have the chance to explain what happened on Ghostbusters Wiki because it is simply a misunderstanding. I can assure you that was not my intention to insult anyone, I tell the truth. See, I have Italian nationality and, although I know understand, speak and read English, write to me is difficult. Reading a bilingual dictionary, I think I know about the so-called insult of which I am accused have uttered. "Hasty" has two definitions, which can be condireate as "quickly, rapid", and then "hot-tempered, irascible", and I imagine that you have been thinking about this meaning. I did not know of the dual definition, I do not have a thorough understanding of every word in English, I admit that sometimes I do help with Google Translate.

    I regret the misunderstanding, not because of the consequences to which they have arrived, but rather to have inadvertently offended you administrators because of my difficulty in writing English incorrectly. I am ready to accept the rules of your wiki, it was already after your explanations, my sentences were likely to know specifically about the rules, did not mean to give the impression to challenge, that's all. I ask you to forgive me and, if possible, reconsider my suspension of one year from your wiki, or at least reduce it.

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  • Hi, Mrmichaelt. Thanks for your contributions to User:Mrmichaelt, and welcome to the Young Justice Wiki!

    There's a lot to get done around here, so dive in and get started on making Young Justice Wiki the most comprehensive Young Justice encyclopedia ever! You might also want to check out our Manual of Style and to keep your editing standards high and get you involved in the community! If you are new to wikis, you can get started here.

    However, before you keep editing, please note that per our spoilers policy, spoilers only are permitted after the episode or comics issue in question is released officially in at least one English-speaking country. So, please do not add spoilers to any part of the site.

    If you have any questions, queries or ideas, feel free to contact the administrators or our editors!

    See you around.

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