An activated Meta-Gene.

The Meta-Gene is a genetic marker in certain humans that allows them to endure catastrophic physical trauma by developing new abilities—i.e. superpowers.[1] The Meta-Gene has attracted interest from the Kroloteans[2], the Reach, and eventually Apokolips. The second former have conducted experiments on both normal humans and humans with active Meta-Genes in order to isolate the Meta-Gene, so they could duplicate and weaponize Meta-Gene powers.[1]

After debriefing the runaway abductees, Black Canary surmised what the Meta-Gene was and what the Reach intended to do with it.[3] Eduardo Dorado Sr. has speculated that the Meta-Gene is opportunistic in nature, taking advantage of pre-existing factors in a person's system. He based this theory on the fact that his son gained teleportation powers after Dorado Sr. spent decades working on Zeta-Beam technology.[4]

The Meta-Gene can be activated by submersing the subject in tar[5] or by utilizing sorcery.[6]

Blood relatives with the Meta-Gene are likely to develop similar powers.[7]

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