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A meta-human is a human being with superpowers begotten by the activation of their inherent Meta-Gene. Such activation can occur through different methods, including the infliction of high levels of physical trauma,[1] chemistry[2] and sorcery.[3]

Physical appearance

Meta-humans can vary in appearance, depending on the nature of their Meta-Gene attributes. Some, such as Virgil Hawkins, can retain their fully human appearance, without visible abnormal features;[1] others can acquire some inhuman characteristics but still remain mostly human-looking, like Dolphin,[3] while others can have their physiology completely changed and become an unearthly creature, such as Ana von Furth.[2]


Early history

The first known meta-human is believed to be Vandal Savage, who developed the Meta-Gene from the radiation of a fallen meteor around 50,000 years ago, and passed it down to humanity through generations.[4]


Meta-humans gained galaxy-wide attention after the Light compelled six members of the Justice League to lead an attack on Rimbor.[5] This prompted the Kroloteans[6] and the Reach[1] to investigate the origin of super human powers and attempt to exploit them.

The Kroloteans managed to abduct several humans but their plans were effectively foiled by the Reach, who eliminated them from the Meta-Gene arms race.[7] The Reach conducted several experiments on kidnapped teenagers in an attempt to isolate, duplicate and weaponize Meta-Gene powers,[1] resulting in the creation of five known meta-humans: Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Eduardo Dorado Jr., Asami Koizumi and Shimmer. The Reach also conducted experiments on subjects with active Meta-Genes, such as Beast Boy and Impulse, to study their reactions to stress.[1]

Known meta-humans


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