A shelf containing a few of the many souvenirs the Team has picked up during the course of their adventures.

Shortly after the Team was formed, Wally West made a habit of picking up items he found on missions as souvenirs. These souvenirs were kept on shelves in a trophy room at Mount Justice. Sometime after 2011, this task of collecting souvenirs fell to new member of the Team Garfield Logan, a task in which he seems to take great joy.

Souvenirs that have been collected include:

2010 Edit

  • Superboy: Wally, Robin and Aqualad rescue Superboy, who then joins the Team.
  • Brom Stikk's robotic eye: Wally picked it up off the ground after Miss Martian smashed the android with a rock;[1]
  • A Kobra Cultist's hood and mask: taken by Wally after he knocked out said cultist;[2]
  • Artemis's arrow: An arrow that Wally believed Speedy had used to rescue him from Amazo,[3] but which actually belonged to Artemis;[4][nb 1] Artemis later removed it and reused it to fight Red Inferno and Red Torpedo;[5] it was placed back, with a molten tip.[6]
  • Cheshire's mask: picked up by Wally after Artemis knocked it off Cheshire during an assassination attempt on Serling Roquette;[4]
  • The Helmet of Fate: taken by Wally after the death of Kent Nelson since Wally promised to put the Helmet to good use.[2] It was used later by Aqualad[7] and Zatanna as a "Plan B" for missions that went bad. It currently is no longer part of the collection as Zatara used it to become the new Doctor Fate;[6]
  • Sphere: rescued by Miss Martian and Superboy from Psimon and the Light in Bialya. Superboy decided to keep it as a pet;[8]
  • Wolf: was originally the leader of a pack under the mind control of Brain. Superboy bested Wolf in a fight for dominance and adopted him as a pet;[9]
  • Monsieur Mallah's beret: taken by Wally during a fight with the gorilla;[9]
  • A piece of Count Vertigo's cape: ripped off by Wally during a struggle with Vertigo during the battle with the Injustice League and used by Artemis as a sling for Wally's broken arm;[7]
  • A robotic hand: taken by Wally from T.O. Morrow's hideout after the defeat of Red Volcano;[10]
  • A sippy cup: was given to Wally by a toddler he rescued; he used it to replace the Helmet of Fate.[6]
  • A medical backpack: was given to Wally so he could carry a donor heart across the United States to Queen Perdita—Wally was originally offered Count Vertigo's sword, but found the pack more meaningful;[11]
  • A video tape of Hello, Megan!: originally owned by Marie Logan, Wally asked if he could take it;[12]
  • A tracer: Artemis planted a tracer on a train to deceive the rest of the Team. Originally, Wally had wanted one of Cheshire's sai, but the anger over the deception of Artemis made him change his mind;[13]
  • Sportsmaster's mask: given to Wally after being taken by Artemis when she knocked him out.[14]

2016 Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Artemis's arrow was originally shown to have a different tip than Green Arrow's, but in "Denial" it was depicted incorrectly as having an arrowhead shaped exactly like Green Arrow's.

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