Mister Twister is a robotic suit created by T.O. Morrow and Brom Stikk.

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2010 Edit

Happy Harbor
July 18, post-11:16 EDT

Along with T.O. Morrow, Brom Stikk created a powered suit capable of generating tornados and controlling the weather in a manner similar to Red Tornado. He wanted to wear the suit in an attempt to flush out and reprogram Red Tornado, but T.O. Morrow convinced him not to wear the suit himself. Instead, he developed a lifelike android replica of himself. This android traveled to Happy Harbor to find Red Tornado, and attacked the Happy Harbor Power Plant. He was interrupted by the Team, who soon assumed that he was Red Tornado testing them. They realized their mistake when Mister Twister was able to produce incredibly powerful weather phenomena including additional elemental manipulation.

Mister Twister whirlwind

Mister Twister engages the young heroes.

The Team eventually managed to defeat him through coordinated teamwork. They destroyed the suit and Miss Martian crushed the android replica of Brom Stikk under a rock.[1]

Abilities and equipment Edit

The Mister Twister armor is capable of controlling and creating whirlwinds similar to Red Tornado. He can also generate electricity in the form of lightning.

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Background information Edit

  • Mister Twister was in fact, the very first villain that Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad (Garth) faced in the comics prior to the creation of the first teenaged hero team, the Teen Titans.
  • In the comics, Mister Twister's powers were the magical result of a Native American potion, while here they are the result of technology.
  • This marks his debut animated appearance.

References Edit

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