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Monkey is Garfield Logan's pet monkey,[3] and The Monkey God, a manifestation of a mystical force[4] who is partially responsible for Garfield's powers as Beast Boy.[5]


While under Garfield's care, Monkey was playful and affectionate. He made a habit of clinging to Garfield's arm and biting his shoulder.[3]



November 22, post-23:56 UTC+2

When his master returned home with friends, Monkey stole Kid Flash's protein bar and threw it at Superboy.[3]

December 1, 09:15 UTC+2

Monkey was playing with Gar while he was watching the news. When Garfield was called away, Monkey stayed behind in the living room.[6]

December 1, 10:28 UTC+2

Gar and Monkey were playing on the veranda. Monkey perched himself on Gar's shoulder when he walked out to meet new guests.[6]

December 1, 10:31 UTC+2

Monkey was still perched on Gar's shoulder when M'gann and Conner left for Dhabar.[7]


Beverly Hills
October 15, 18:39 PDT

While Gar was placed in a trance by Goode Goggles, an illusion of Monkey manifested itself in his mind. Monkey claimed he was actually a monkey god responsible for giving Beast Boy his powers, which he said were in part magical rather than solely the result of the Martian blood transfusion.[5]


Background Information

  • Greg Weisman has stated that Monkey was the writers's way of introducing the concept of The Red into Earth-16. In the comics, The Red is a mystical force connecting all animal life. Though he is not sure if they will ever directly call it The Red, he felt there needed to be more to Beast Boy's origin to explain why his shape-shifting defied conservation of mass, unlike typical Martian shape-shifting.[4]


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