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You may also be looking for issue #2, which is also titled "Monkey Business".

"Monkey Business" is the 19th issue of the official Young Justice spin-off comic series. It was released on July 18, 2012.


  • The team travels to GORILLA CITY!
  • Someone is enhancing apes to create an army of warrior slaves!
  • Don't miss the origin of GORILLA CITY!

Tagline: Gorillas Attack!


In his case notes, Robin reviews the last ten days, recalling:

Belle Reve
September 16, 22:00 CDT

Miss Martian's and Superboy's undercover mission to Belle Reve Penitentiary...

Mount Justice
September 16, 22:01 EDT

...during which he, Kid Flash and Artemis watched Celebrity Hockey in the Cave;

Gotham City
September 22, 07:56 EDT
His and Artemis's first day of school...
Mount Justice
September 22, 19:02 EDT

...and Red Torpedo and Red Inferno's attack on the Cave later that day;

September 23, 21:37 IST

and the Team's mission to Northern India with Captain Marvel, where they faced the Brain, Monsieur Mallah and their Kobra-Venom-enhanced animals and where they picked up Wolf;

Mount Justice
September 26, 10:00 EDT

Bringing him to their current briefing with Batman. Batman informs the Team that the Justice League has analyzed their report on their mission to India and determined that the Brain is operating another base in the Bwundan jungle and sends them to shut it down.

Captain Marvel is eager to join them, but Batman calls him back to remind him of the importance of the Team's autonomy, and asks if there is a reason he believes he belongs with the Team—which the Captain denies.

September 26, 20:11 CAT

In their compound, the Brain, Monsieur Mallah and Ultra-Humanite watch the Team move through the jungle on a monitor. Ultra-Humanite suggests sending in Grodd.

In the jungle, Miss Martian wants to talk to Aqualad about his feelings for Tula before establishing a psychic link. Aqualad initially refuses, but eventually admits he is uncertain whether he mourns more for lost love or lost opportunity. The link is then established, the Team is secretly observed from the trees.

Kid Flash flirts with Miss Martian, while Artemis asks Superboy out to see a movie, which he interprets as a bonding exercise for the Team. Changing the subject, Superboy says he smells monkey. Robin asks Artemis about her first day at school. Aqualad calls an end to the clichéd adolescent conversation and focus on the mission—only for the Team to find themselves surrounded by Kobra Venom-enhanced gorillas.

As they begin to fight, Aqualad tells the others to remove the gorillas' inhibitor collars, which Superboy quickly notices are not present. Miss Martian camouflages herself to act as a reserve. Kid Flash runs into a large gorilla, whom Miss Martian psychically probes and names as Grodd, before being knocked unconscious. The rest of the Team notice the absence of the psychic link but are quickly defeated and fitted with inhibitor collars. Only Wolf is left conscious; he walks away.

"Gorilla City"
September 26, 23:59 CAT

The Brain is pleased to see that the unconscious Team has been brought back, but wonders why Miss Martian and Wolf are missing. A silverback gorilla explains via sign language that Miss Martian was knocked out but could not be found due to her camouflage, and that they let Wolf go not knowing the Brain wanted him as well. Grodd and the gorillas are sent out with infrared goggles to find them. Or else.

In a dark room, Miss Martian awakens, unsure of what has happened. Grodd and several other gorillas are there. Grodd demands her help.


Monkey business is an activity that is considered a waste of time. The issue's main antagonists are gorillas, which are commonly (but inaccurately) referred to as monkeys. In addition, the Team 'wastes time' talking to each other about certain issues and hopefuls.


Captain Marvel
Kid Flash
Miss Martian
Non-speaking roles
Bette Kane (flashback)
Biggitz (flashback)
Icicle Jr. (flashback)
Mister Freeze (flashback)
Monsieur Mallah
Mr. Tawny (flashback)
Red Inferno (flashback)
Red Tornado (flashback)
Red Torpedo (flashback)
Riker (flashback)
Tula (memory)
4 Character debut
0 Speaking debut



  • This comic is reprinted in Young Justice Vol. 3: Creature Features.
  • This issue has the same title as issue #2. Greg Weisman stated that he noticed the oversight and changed it in time to notify DC Comics, but it was around the time that the book changed editors, so the new title got lost in the transition.[1]
  • Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis watch Celebrity Hockey, which is a television sports program featured in Gargoyles, another show produced by Greg Weisman, who also wrote this issue.


  • In Brain's first speech bubble, the personal pronoun "they" is spelled as he pronounces it ("zey") but in the second one it is spelled correctly.


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Answered questions


  • Aqualad: I know we are all adolescents—but we do not have to be clichés.

  • Brain: I blame Mallah. He has spoiled me. But zey cannot be all Mallahs.

  • Miss Martian: Where... Where am I? What happened?
  • Grodd: Grodd happened, human. And Grodd demands your help.


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