Mother Box

Vykin's Mother Box.

A Mother Box is a "living" computer from New Genesis with a female programming. They are used primarily by the Forever People. Mother Boxes have vast undefined abilities which range from teleportation via boom tubes, to matter manipulation. Its 'male' counterpart is the Apokoliptan device, Father Box.


In 2010, the Forever People used a Mother Box to help them track down stolen Genesian technology on Earth. When they encountered Superboy, they assumed he had stolen the New Genesphere, but Sphere attested his innocence. Together, they confronted Intergang, the true thieves. The Forever People used their Mother Box to combine into Infinity-Man and subdued the criminals for questioning.

After discovering Bruno Mannheim's whereabouts, the Forever People attempted to transform into Infinity-Man once more. However, Desaad gave Mannheim a Father Box to bewitch Infinity-Man mid-transformation, and ordered it to kill Superboy. Sphere was able to cleanse Infinity-Man of their control but sustained critical injuries in the process. As a sign of gratitude, Vykin used the Mother Box to repair her.[1]

In 2018, the Markovian scientist Simon Ecks managed to get a hold of a Mother Box and attempted to learn its secrets, but only succeeded in destroying it.[2] As its dying act, the Mother Box transferred its spirit into the corpse of Gabrielle Daou, which effectively resurrected her from the dead.[3] Sometime later, Superboy and Black Lightning discovered the Mother Box in pieces, which upset Superboy enough that he called it murder.


A Mother Box is a rectangular handheld device. The casing is black, with a red, orange and yellow interface.


  • Boom tube generation
  • Artificial intelligence: Mother Boxes possess an unknown degree of sentience. They usually communicate with a repetitive "ping!" which can be understood by their users.
  • Cloaking: Mother Boxes can cloak its user's energy signatures from detection.
  • Sensory tracking: Mother Boxes can scan anywhere on a planet for Genesian and Apokoliptian technology.
  • Gesalt form: By access the energy of the Source, Mother Boxes can merge the Forever People into the gestalt form Infinity Man when they shout the word "Tarru!".[1]
  • Universal translator: Mother Boxes can act as a universal translator between to different species.
  • Healing: Mother Boxes can repair damaged technology, regardless of the severity. This was used by Vykin to repair Sphere.
    • Reanimation: When destroyed, Mother Boxes can impart their spirits into deceased individuals, bringing them back to life with an all-new consciousness. One such box was able to resurrect the deceased Gabrielle Daou, also granting her light-based abilities.[3]
  • DNA Analysis: Mother Box can identify DNA from unknown substances.[4]

Background information

  • This is the fourth depiction of Mother Boxes in animation. The first was in Superman: The Animated Series, followed subsequently by Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.
  • Mother Boxes first appeared in Forever People #1 (March 1971) by Jack Kirby. Their name derives from the fact that they act as caretakers to their users, and provide them with love, in a sense becoming a 'mother' to them.



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