Mr. Tawny is a genetically enhanced Indian tiger once captured by the Brain. He was befriended and named by Captain Marvel.

Physical appearance

Mr. Tawny is a tiger of typical, orange-and-white color scheme with black stripes across his face and body. He has yellow eyes and a white mane that spans his neck. The area under Tawny’s nose – where his set of whiskers are found – and the region below his mouth are white, along with the area around his eyes. The remainder of his face is orange save a stripe of black across his forehead and another pair of black stripes, located on both sides of his face, which stretch and connect under Mr. Tawny’s chin.



Northern India
September 10, 14:43 IST

On September 10, the tiger found himself targeted by Hamilton Hill, who was hunting for tigers. When he spotted Hill, he was inadvertently knocked unconscious by one of Monsieur Mallah's traps. During the subsequent thirteen days, the Brain performed experiments on him, including Kobra-Venom injections and brain enhancement,[1] giving him some level of intelligence. He was also strapped on with an inhibitor collar to be controlled.[2]

Northern India
September 23, 21:36 IST

The tiger was surveilling an attack on the Team, who had arrived to investigate a strange series of animal attacks. When Captain Marvel spotted him, he made a run for it, luring the hero into a trap laid by Monsieur Mallah. Later on, as the Brain prepared to vivisect Captain Marvel, the tiger lunged at him, knocking him over. After the Team broke into the lab and freed Captain Marvel, he removed his new friend's inhibitor collar as repayment for his act of bravery.

During the next few hours, the tiger helped in herding every animal carrying an inhibitor collar to have them removed. Before running off to the jungle, Captain Marvel named him Mr. Tawny, and appointed him protector of the fauna.[2]


Production notes

  • In the DC Comics, Tawky Tawny is a humanoid tiger and a close friend of the Marvel Family.
  • In Young Justice, Mr. Tawny was designed by Jerome Moore. Since Tawny has been mutated by Kobra-Venom, Moore originally designed the tiger to resemble the other animals that were mutated into monsters, with bony protrusions, and a hide ripped open from radically increased mass. However, since it was determined that all mutations are permanent, the producers asked him to scale back the mutation before the design was approved.[3] Moore had previously design the version of Mr. Tawky Tawny that appeared in DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam.[4]


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