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Nabu was one of Vandal Savage's children who later became a Lord of Order.

Physical appearance

Nabu was a tall and muscular dark-skinned man with long black hair and blue eyes. He always donned a golden helmet that covered his entire face. He went bare-chested, but wore a white cloak, fastened with a black harness that circled around his neck and under his arms. He also donned a teal and yellow kilt and sandal-boots.[4][5]


Early life

Around 1,836 BCE,[1] Nabu was born to Vandal Savage, who had established himself in Babylonia as the demigod hero called Marduk. Over the course of his life, Nabu came to be regarded as a God of Wisdom among the Babylonians.

Death and rebirth

Nabu and his family leading a battle against a Starro.

In 1,800 BCE,[1] the Lord of Chaos Klarion approached his father with a solution to help him deal with his freethinking generals. Nabu protested strenuously against taking the Witch Boy's gifts, but to no avail. Marduk accepted Klarion's offer and the Lord of Chaos teleported a Starro-creature from deep of space. However, instead of helping Marduk to submit his generals to his will, Starro put his army under its own control.[5] Nabu fought the incursion, along with his father and sister Ishtar, but perished in the battle.[4]

Nabu's spirit fuses with his helmet and becomes a Lord of Order.

Nabu's death, unintentionally caused by his father's unholy alliance with a Lord of Chaos, left the Lords of Order intrigued. Having defied his own father, an ally of Chaos on Earth, Nabu became the perfect candidate to be Order's Earthly champion. So, the Lords of Order recruited Nabu's soul and elevated him to a higher calling. They repurposed his own helmet into an anchor for his spirit on the mortal plane. When donned by a living host, they would channel Nabu's power and become the Lord of Order known as Doctor Fate.[5]

From that point onward, Nabu had to rely on human hosts to have a presence on the physical plane. While he is in control, the souls of his hosts remained within the Helmet, powerless to influence the outside world.[6][7][8]

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