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"Nautical Twilight" is the 14th episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 87th of the overall series. It debuted on March 31, 2022 on HBO Max.


Kaldur'ahm chews algae, while Violet Harper cuts vegetables.


Star City
March 26, 23:57 PDT

Artemis arrives home to find Kadlur and Dick waiting with Will.

The Watchtower
April 19, 21:17 EDT

In the memorial garden, Kaldur and Dick look at the newly installed hologram of Superboy, as Kaldur admits he is still having difficulty accepting Conner's death. Dick suggests he take some time off to process things, noting that he never had the chance to grieve for Tula or Wally. Kaldur insists he will be fine and must go to a conference in Poseidonis the next day.

Atlantic Ocean
April 20, 01:10 UTC-2
S'atiroman Cave
April 20, 01:11 UTC-2

Danuuth waits in the cave, when Ocean-Master arrives, thanking him for coming and for his loyalty.

April 20, 15:56 UTC-2

As La'gaan and Artur play outside the conference center, Kaldur arrives just in time for the start of the opening ceremony of the Conference of Delegates. After Mera casts a translation spell, High King Orin introduces his cabinet; Mera, Vulko, Ondine, Garth and Kaldur. He then has the delegates from the other city-states introduce themselves; Lord Ronal of Crastinus, Prime Minister Topo of Lemuria, Emissary Coral of Neptunos, King Nanaue Sha'ark of Nanauve, General Lori Lemaris of Tritonis, and First Citizen Calvin Durham of Shayeris. Ronal noted Xebel had failed to send a representative, infuriating Sha'ark. Orin assures them a delegate would arrive by the start of the conference proper the next day. Though they had business planned for that day, Orin decides to adjourn the conference for the day. As the delegates leave, Orin urges Mera to contact her father and get him to send someone.

Outside the center, Coral sees La'gaan and Artur playing. La'gaan comes to kiss her, and she notes that he will be a wonderful father as he caresses her stomach. Orin thanks La'gaan for watching Artur. Kaldur and Wyynde meet with Delphis and Sha'lain'a. Sha'lain'a suggests they show Delphis around Poseidonis.

After seeing flashes of Miss Martian and the gene-bomb, Superboy wakes up in a strange, miscolored dimension. He calls out for M'gann, but cannot reach her. He then notices an unconscious girl laying near him, but finds she is intangible to him. He notices that neither she nor he has a heat signature, and wonders if they are dead.

Back in Poseidonis, Delphis comments on how much shinier Poseidonis is than Shayeris, noting that this is one of the causes of conflict between the city-states. Wyynde wants to save the politics for the conference, and takes them to an algae bar. Inside, they teach Delphis how to enjoy the algae, before going to say hello to Lori Lemaris. Lori is happy to be introduced to Delphis, but is cold toward Wyynde, for whom she still bears a grudge from his days as a purist. King Sha'ark then arrives and taunts Lori over the territory Nanauve recently annexed from Tritonis. Lori blasts Sha'ark with magic, but Kaldur stops Sha'ark from retaliating, telling them to save it for the conference.

Happy Harbor
April 21, 07:55 EDT

Violet waits for Samad Daou to leave before knocking on the Daous' door. Madia answers and is surprised to see what was once her daughter. Madia thanks Violet for arranging for visas for her and Samad, and invites them in. Madia tells Violet about her and Samad's new lives in Happy Harbor, before asking if Violet came for a reason. Violet explains that they knew Gabrielle's faith was very important to her and they want to find out if Islam holds meaning for them. Madia agrees to help.

April 21, 09:58 UTC-2

Bishop Beluga has arrived to represent Xebel, though Orin is underwhelmed. He calls the conference to order and introduces Beluga. Sha'ark is insulted at Xebel sending such an insignificant representative, but Lori reminds him that there would be more experienced leaders there is Nanauve stopped killing them. Sha'ark notes that the surface world's activity warming Nanauve's waters is killing its krill, forcing them to take more territory to survive.

In Superboy's dimension, he finds that both he and the girl have heartbeats and are breathing, which suggests they are alive. He also notes the ground is solid to him, and wonders if he could touch the girl if he believed he could. He manages to touch her, and then picks her up. The mists around him then begin to clear, revealing a number of asteroids floating in a misty void.

Back at the Daou house, Violet helps Madia prepare a meal as they discuss the hijab. Madia explains she wears hers as a reminder of her faith and that life is temporary and she must strive to do good while she can. She suggests many of Halo's super-friends might wear symbols for the same reasons. Violet is initially surprised Madia knows their heroic identity, but realizes she must have seen the footage from the Markovian coup. Madia accidentally burns her hand on the stove, but Violet quickly heals her. Madia is awed at Violet's gift, but Violet insists healing others is hard and something she is still working on. Violet asks if it is alright to continue waring the hijab while they are questioning things, and Madia tells her many young Muslim women wear it out of a sense of tradition before they figure out if it right for them.

Back at the conference, Topo also complains about the effect of climate change and pollution from the surface, and Sha'ark criticizes Garth for failing to deal with these issues. Garth insists it is his top priority, but that many surface dwellers are too consumed with short-term economic concerns to see the larger issues. Calvin has larger issues to discuss too. He begins to talk about the lack of opportunities he faced in San Diego and how created anger that Black Manta could exploit. Sha'ark gleefully recounts Calvin's history with Manta; betraying him, taking his woman and raising his son as his own. Kaldur insists his biological father is irrelevant, but Ronal notes that his relationship to Kaldur is the only reason someone like Calvin would be at this table. Ronal then apologizes after Lori rebukes him, but Calvin admits the truth and says that the lack of opportunity on the surface drove him to make bad choices. He sees many of the same problems in Shayeris, and notes the wealth and opportunity on display in Poseidonis is absent from the other city-states, to which the other delegates quickly agree. Orin accepts the delegates comments, but assures them that he and his cabinet has viable solutions. Orin is interrupted when the conference table is destroyed by a blast from Ocean-Master's trident.

In the strange dimension, Superboy wonders if they may be in some kind of Kryptonian afterlife. Wondering if the girl is Kryptonian, Conner is prompted to come up with a name for her. He decides on Ghosty, and notes his lack of talent for naming things. He needs to get her help, but has nowhere to go, until he looks in infrared vision and sees a heat trail in the distance. With no other lead, he decides to follow it, and carries Ghosty as he begins to leap from rock to rock toward it.

Back in Poseidonis, Ocean-Master unleashes a great blast of energy, damaging many buildings. Mera attempts to stop him, but her attack is easily swatted back. Orin attacks Ocean-Master, but is shocked after grabbing the trident. Lori magically throws rocks at Ocean-Master, but he destroys them, then blasts back a group of charging attackers. One of the guards, Coral's husband, is hurt, and Coral rushes to his side. Sha'ark charges at Ocean-Master but is blasted back. Wyynde is able to trap Ocean-Master in a seaweed construct with help from Kaldur, as La'gaan arrives and rushes to his wife and husband. Once assured Coral and Rodunn are alright, he joins the fight, just as Ocean-Master is able to break free. Delphis creates a bright light to blind Ocean-Master before he can kill Kaldur, leaving him open to attack from La'gaan. La'gaan lands a couple of good hits, but is blasted back. Ocean-Master is ready to cull his foes, when he is suddenly blasted by powerful magic energy. An enraged Ocean-Master turns to find a hooded stranger attacking him. Ocean-Master is quickly overwhelmed by the stranger's power and teleports out. The stranger then swims away without a word. Danuuth also swims away, unnoticed.

Back in Happy Harbor, Madia and Violet continue to talk. Violet asks what Islam is, and Madia offers an explanation of their core tenets, first that there is no God but God. Violet relates their own traumatic experience with someone who considered herself a god, but Madia assures her that a true God would not cause such suffering, noting the attributes of compassion, mercy, and protection. She suggests these are attributes Violet may reflect on this journey. She tells them she was proud when she saw them turn down Brion Markov's offer to become his queen, and that she believes Violet is on a good path and would like to see where it leads her.

As the conference delegates and guards recover and help each other, they wonder where and who the powerful stranger was. Mera mentions a prophecy to Orin, but he tells her to save it for later. Wyynde checks on Kaldur, who insists he is fine and is determined to find Ocean-Master. Orin and Mera look out at the damage wrought on Poseidonis by Ocean-Master.

S'atiroman Cave
April 21, 21:39 UTC-2

Ocean-Master rages after his defeat, demanding to know who could have defeated him. Danuuth tries to calm him, but when he calls Ocean-Master "prince", he rejects the title. Removing his mask, he insists that, now and forever, he is Orm, the Ocean-Master.

End credits scene: At night, Harper Row sits outside with Violet and asks how their visit with Madia went. Violet says it went well, but that they have many more questions, such as their gender. After some deliberation, Violet feels that their true gender is non-binary and that they/them pronouns best suit them. Harper reintroduces Violet to the world as the best person she knows.


Nautical Twilight is a term that refers to the period of dusk in which sailors are able to navigate, because both stars and the horizon are still visible. Metaphorically, it refers to the multiple difficulties experienced by the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, including economic inequality and conflicts between city-states driven by resource scarcity.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Robbie Daymond Wyynde
Zehra Fazal Violet Harper
Madia Daou
Harper Row
Phil LaMarr Orin
Calvin Durham
Yuri Lowenthal La'gaan
Jesse McCartney Dick Grayson
Nolan North Superboy
Khary Payton Kaldur'ahm/Aquaman
Tiya Sircar Delphis
Roger Craig Smith Ocean-Master  
Kath Soucie Lori Lemaris
Mera Nereus
Tara Strong Sha'lain'a
James Arnold Taylor Topo
Nanaue Sha'ark  
Non-speaking roles
Aquagirl (hologram)
Artemis Crock
Gretchen Goode/Granny Goodness (flashback)
Hooded man  
Kid Flash (hologram)
Miss Martian (flashback)
Overlord (flashback)
Phantom Girl
Samad Daou
Ultra-Humanite (flashback)
Will Harper
3 Character debut
2 Speaking debut
2 Episode debut



  • The hooded man can be seen sitting in the algae bar.


  • Throughout the second day of the conference, the orientation of the meeting table's world map is inconsistent.
  • During the fight in the algae bear, Wyynde is briefly shown wearing his guard uniform and not his civilian clothes.

Cultural references


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Answered questions


  • Artur: Where's Mother going?
  • Orin: To talk to your grandfather.
  • Artur: Uh-oh.
  • Orin: Uh-oh, indeed.
  • Lori Lemaris: Ronal, can you please, for one minute, stop being such a pompous codfish?


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