New Orleans

Street of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana.

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2010 Edit

New Orleans
July 27, 21:57 CDT

Kent Nelson visited Madame Xanadu in New Orleans for a seance and was kidnapped by Abra Kadabra.[3]

New Orleans
September 14, 16:53 CDT

The Terror Twins' three-state rampage ended in New Orleans's old French Quarter, when they were stopped by Martian Manhunter and Superman.[1]

New Orleans
December 5, 06:41 CST

Sportsmaster arrived at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. His presence was picked up by the Justice League.[2]

New Orleans
December 5, 22:18 CST

After springing Professor Ivo from Belle Reve, Sportsmaster brought him to an abandoned warehouse in the docks. There, Ivo, Brain and Klarion each unleashed their skills on the stolen echinoderm, while Sportsmaster and Cheshire fought off the Team.[2]

2011-2015 Edit

After hearing of the Justice League's rampage on Rimbor, the Kroloteans decided to investigate Earth. They landed a ship under a junkyard in New Orleans,[4] only accessible by Zeta-Beam or under the waterline. From there, they coordinated smaller bases all across the planet.

They abducted several people and used special mechanical suits to impersonate them; Tseng, Noor Harjavti and Bibbo Bibbowski were imprisoned on a lower deck.[5]

2016 Edit

New Orleans
January 4, 21:59 CST

After the base's Zeta-Beam was detected, Robin, Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy were sent to investigate. They freed the hostages and apprehended one Krolotean, but the others got away and destroyed their base.[5]

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