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This article is about Dick Grayson, the first Robin. For the current Robin, Tim Drake, see Robin.

Nightwing (real name Richard "Dick" Grayson, born December 1st, 1996)[4] was the first Robin. The former protégé of Batman, he is currently the leader of the Team.



In his early days as Robin, despite being only 13, he was more experienced than his fellow sidekicks. By then he had been training under Batman's wing for four years.[7] Despite Batman's influence on Robin, the two have very contrasting personalities. While his mentor was cold and very serious, Robin's demeanor was quite the opposite. Robin was naturally a very lighthearted individual who seemed to take joy in nearly everything that he did.[2] Despite his immaturity, he could get along very well with people who were older than him, and tended to act more maturely whenever he was tasked with a certain level of responsibility.[7][8]

When simply interacting with his friends, Robin behaved in a jovial and oftentimes "little brother"-like role, in which he joked freely about his teammates, and even made fun of them when they made mistakes. He had a particularly close friendship with Kid Flash, with whom he was able to joke and often treated like a brother of sorts. Robin also seemed to take great pleasure in creating back-formations, by removing prefixes from commonly-used words such as "disaster",[9] "distraught",[10] "overwhelmed"[2] and "infiltrated"[11] to create new words.

Despite his child like behavior at times, Robin was a natural tactical thinker, often coming up with plans for the Team on the fly, and figuring out complex situations faster than many of his teammates.[12][13] He was also very pragmatic and preferred to think ahead. During the Team 's brief scuffle with Guardian, Robin took the liberty to activate the elevator to escape instead of fighting alongside his Team,[2] had no qualms about Miss Martian delving into his mind to retrieve his memories,[14] and took a break from running from Red Torpedo and Red Inferno to download the Cave's blueprints.[7]

Robin initially considered himself to be the natural leader of the Team, citing his longer experience as a hero. However, this experience and his strong working relationship with Batman led him to mistakenly assume that the other members of the Team would understand and follow his plans without him explaining them. This unfortunately caused problems on their first mission against Kobra and Bane. He subsequently claimed that Aqualad would be a better leader for the Team. While Aqualad accepted the role, he stated that both he and the rest of the Team expected Robin to eventually take the mantle, due to the fact he was more suited for the job.[13]

After the trauma of watching his teammates die in a simulation, Robin opened up to Black Canary during a therapy session. He did want to be the leader and wanted to someday become Batman. But after sending his friends to their "deaths" in the simulation made by Miss Martian, he no longer desired to become like Batman.[15]


Dick has matured considerably over the intervening five years. As Nightwing, he is more driven and focused—just like his mentor. While he had a moment of levity in congratulating Robin's success in his first mission as squad leader, Nightwing has reined in the wisecracks, and has become much more somber and serious.[16] A different side to him is what makes Wally call him a "dog"—he has had relationships with multiple girls, and all are still on good terms with him. When asked, he has commented that it was his superpower.[4]

Physical appearance


Dick at age 13, as Robin.

When he was a 13-year-old vigilante, Dick was fairly short for his age, and had a slight, lean, well-toned build, since he was an acrobat and skilled at martial arts and gymnastics. He had short black hair and dark blue eyes.[17] He typically wore either a mask or sunglasses to cover his eyes, depending on his current attire.[17] At 19-years-old, Dick has grown considerably taller, roughly the same height as Batman and as well-muscled. His hair grew considerably longer to pass his ears.


His original Robin uniform was comprised of a red vest, black leggings, boots and gloves, all of which seemed to be made of a sort of protective body armor, that still allowed him great mobility. On his chest, a stylized "R" symbol was visible, and around his waist he wore a gold colored utility belt with various pouches for his equipment. He donned a cape that was black on the outer lining but pale yellow on the inside. To protect his identity, Robin wore either a black stylized domino mask or sunglasses at all times. While sporting the mask, his eyes appeared completely white. His short black hair was left unkempt, hanging over his forehead.[2]

As Nightwing, his uniform now comprises a black unitard, black shoulder pads, black pants, boots and gloves. The chest area of his uniform is emblazoned with a blue bird and his abdomen area is coloured in a lighter grey. He wears a black utility belt.[16]


Early life

Flying Graysons

The Flying Graysons.

Richard "Dick" Grayson is the child of the acrobatic circus family "The Flying Graysons" of Haly's Circus.[1] He was born on December 1st, 1996,[18] {CIT|and named after his uncle, Rick.}}[6] His parents John and Mary,[6] along with his older cousin John[6] and aunt Karla[6] fell to their deaths in a trapeze "accident" caused by mob boss Zucco on April 1st, 2006,[19] when he was 9. The only survivor other than Dick, who did not participate in the fatal routine, was his uncle Rick, who was very badly injured and unable to care for him. Richard has since lived with Bruce Wayne and made the transformation to Robin under Bruce's training (eventually bringing Zucco to justice together).[1] Batman's main motivation was to make sure young Dick would not grow the way he did driven strictly by the desire of vengeance.[20]

Robin intensely fears that he might not be as fearless as his family (both biological and adoptive) is supposed to be,[21] and is afraid he has to fill Batman's boots.[22]

July 2010

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August 2010

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September 2010

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October 2010

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November 2010

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December 2010

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January 2011

The Watchtower
January 1, post-00:00, EST Time Zone

As the New Year dawned, Zatanna pulled Robin over to kiss him, a New Year's tradition. He later joined the roundtable discussion about the location of the real Roy Harper, and the mystery of the six leaguers who were unaccounted for sixteen hours.[23]


Dick became Nightwing and passed his title as Robin to a successor. He also became the leader of the Team[16] around March 2015.[24]

September 2015

Mount Justice
September 27, 04:16, EDT Time Zone

While reviewing his old case notes, Nightwing reminisced about a case in Bwunda five years earlier. He remarked that they never realized how easy they had it.[25]

December 2015

December 1, 08:16, EST Time Zone

Dick talked with Wally and Artemis over a video connection. They wished him a happy birthday, which his date for the preceding evening overheard. Bette congratulated him as well, before heading off to work.[4]

Mount Justice
December 1, 08:55, EST Time Zone

Rocket and Zatanna visited Mount Justice to wish Nightwing a happy birthday. Nightwing split the team up into two squads to carry out two different missions; he would lead Alpha Squad.[4]

El Paso
December 1, 07:50, MST Time Zone

Nightwing took Wonder Girl out on a mission with Sphere to recruit a new team member, Blue Beetle.[4]

El Paso
December 1, 08:19, MST Time Zone

Nightwing and Wonder Girl confronted Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, after discussing his history, and offered friendship to him.[4]

January 2016

Mount Justice
January 1, 18:18, EST Time Zone

Nightwing won a sparring match against Lagoon Boy, just before Delta Squad arrived home. Robin reported that they apprehended Clayface, and sent him back to Arkham Asylum. Captain Atom then contacted the Team that the UN building was under attack, Nightwing replied that the Beta Squad was close by. Mal Duncan sent them in.[16]

The Watchtower
January 3, 17:08, EST Time Zone

Nightwing attended a briefing held by the Justice League about the alien attack on the UN. John Stewart explained their real problem was not Lobo, but his target, a Krolotean. Adam Strange explained about the Kroloteans, and his adventure on Rann. After he told that six members of the Justice League were wanted criminals on that planet, Nightwing reminded Batman of the missing sixteen hours from five years earlier. Nightwing offered that the Team would handle the mission, since the Justice League was not welcome. Captain Atom agreed.

After the briefing, Zatanna and Rocket talked to Nightwing, Miss Martian and Superboy, and reminded them they still had an open invataion to join the League. In unison, they stated they were fine where they were.[16]

Mount Justice
January 4, 20:00, EST Time Zone

Nightwing briefed the Team the mission to track down Kroloteans on Earth, and assigned the squads. He and Wonder Girl were Alpha Squad. Lagoon Boy, Blue Beetle and Robin were Gamma Squad; Nightwing gave Robin the position as leader, much to Robin's disagreement. Nightwing told him he was ready for the experience, but jokingly warned him not to die.[16]

January 4, 22:55, EST Time Zone

Nightwing with Wonder Girl traveled to Philadelphia on the Super-Cycle, but their targets got away.[16]

New Orleans
January 4, post-21:59, CST Time Zone

After Gamma Squad found the Krolotean base and saved their hostages, the Team and Justice League arrived to help. Nightwing congratulated them for their success.[16]

January 6, 09:58, MST Time Zone

Nightwing was present at the return of Zeta Squad, and handled the debriefing.[26]

South Pacific
January 6, 20:32, HAST Time Zone

Nightwing flew the Bio-Ship with a strike force to Malina Island, the Kroloteans' last base. After dropping off Aquaman and Lagoon Boy, Batman and his protégés broke into the base at ground level.

Nightwing cleaned the Manta-men off the top walkways. They were noticed by Manta, who ordered his men to attack the infiltrators. Nightwing was still on the walkways when Manta lost his helmet and revealed his true identity to Aquaman. He tried to reason with his old friend, assuring him that Tula's death was not their fault, but it was to no avail. Kaldur'ahm escaped to a lower level, where Nightwing and Superboy intercepted him. Kaldur had no plans to fight, and instead pointed them at a bomb that was primed to blow up in two minutes.

Unable to disarm the bomb, Nightwing called for a full evacuation. They regrouped at the Bio-Ship, and only narrowly escaped the bomb's blast radius. Nightwing debriefed Batman that the bomb was of alien, but not Krolotean origin. Batman felt finding out who planted it would be a responsibility of the Team.[26]

Mount Justice
January 26, 00:10, EST Time Zone

Nightwing said his goodbyes to Batman, who left for Rimbor to stand trial for their actions under the Light's mind control, along with the other accused Justice Leaguers. Batman thought Nightwing had the harder of the two tasks.[26]

February 2016

Washington, D.C.
February 13, post-21:51, EST Time Zone

Nightwing and friends try to convince Red Arrow to give up his search for Speedy.

Nightwing took a day off from the Team for personal business: trying to persuade Red Arrow to clean his act up. With Green Arrow, Black Canary, Jim Harper and Wally West, he confronted his old friend on a rooftop. Wally and Dick dismissed Roy's comments that he was just a copy, and not their concern; they argued that the cloned Roy was the only Roy they knew. They never met the original. Unfortunately, their appeal was to deaf ears. Roy ignored them, and went back to his hide out.[27]

Mount Justice
February 19, 12:06, EST Time Zone

Nightwing wanted to investigate Boom tube activity in Bialya. To counter Queen Bee's control over men, he assigned all female members to Alpha Squad: Miss Martian, Bumblebee, Batgirl and Wonder Girl. He briefed them while they were on their way in the Bio-Ship. Batgirl asked if an all-male Squad would have required an explanation, when an all-female Squad does. Knowing he had been beaten, Nightwing decided to admit defeat and sign out.[28]

Mount Justice
February 20, 03:24, EST Time Zone

With Alpha Squad back home safe and sound, Nightwing debriefed them. He informed them that they faced Psimon because he had managed to elude his doctors. The mission answered some questions, but many still remained unanswered, to Wonder Girl's disappointment. He reassured her that unanswered questions were not a bad thing, as they kept the investigation going. He congratulated them all on the mission.[28]

Mount Justice
February 28, 10:07, EST Time Zone

Nightwing was working on the translation of the Krolotean intel from Malina Island. Most of it could be deciphered, except for one word. The closest English equivalent was "meta-gene". He discussed it with Beast Boy and Robin, but their conversation was cut short when the computer detected an energy impulse.

In a ball of lightning, a small pod arrived in the Mission Room, and a boy jumped out. Beast Boy quipped that this was the impulse they detected, and as a response, the boy took Impulse as his name. As he ran off, Nightwing sent the two junior members after him.

Impulse took care of the younger members, but Nightwing outsmarted him. He lined the hallway to the Mission Room with marbles. Impulse avoided them, but it allowed Nightwing the opportunity to flank him. He subdued the speedster, and cuffed him on his wrists and ankles.

Robin and Beast Boy heard Impulse out, but did not believe his "future tourist" explanation. Nightwing supposedly wanted his DNA, and tried to trick the boy into giving it up. Impulse happily complied. He also revealed the secret identities of everyone in the room.

When Mal arrived at the Cave, Impulse took the opportunity to escape. Beast Boy attempted to pursue, but Robin and Nightwing doubted if he could keep up with him. Fortunately Nightwing had taken the precaution of planting a subcutaneous tracker which he had put in the water glass Bart drank from, and traced it to Central City. He made a couple of calls to inform the Flash family.[29]

Mount Justice
February 28, post-13:03, EST Time Zone

Nightwing tested the DNA sample, and Impulse was right, he really was Flash's grandson. Impulse claimed he was ready to go back to his own time, but the time machine didn't work.[29]

March 2016

Mount Justice
March 19, 11:42, EDT Time Zone

Nightwing discussed the status of Impulse and Speedy with Mal Duncan and Superboy. Mal believed that both would ultimately become the Team's responsibility. Nightwing disagreed with Mal's prognosis, but Superboy supported it. The Computer announced the arrival of Artemis via zeta tube. After pleasantries are exchanged, Nightwing briefed the newly-formed Gamma Squad on their latest mission. The Squad would guard the launch of the Earth-Mars Communications Satellite in Cape Canaveral, which might be a target of certain xenophobic parties. Nightwing would lead the squad himself, as he was peckish for a little action after running the Team for a year.[24]

Cape Canaveral
March 19, 20:59, EDT Time Zone

Nightwing and Artemis observed the press conference Carol Ferris and Martian Manhunter held from their vantage point atop a launch pad service structure. Nightwing instructed Miss Martian to establish their psychic link, and ordered an aerial sweep of the cape perimeter. To ensure maximum security coverage, he assigned Lagoon Boy to reconnoiter the water around the cape. About an hour until the launch, Nightwing thanked Artemis for assisting them on this mission, despite Wally's strident objections.

Lagoon Boy noticed an undersea missile platform left by the Manta-flyer, and wanted to attack. Nightwing ordered him to wait for backup, but Lagoon Boy attacked in a fit of anger when Superboy called him a rookie. He feigned the presence of radio static to justify his actions, which did not fool Nightwing as this was impossible on a psychic link. Faced with a rampaging La'gaan, some Manta-men surfaced toward the beach to serve as a precautionary backup for destroying the launch.

Artemis and Nightwing zip-lined to the ground to intercept, but were pinned by heavy fire behind the launch blast wall. He ordered for cover fire from the Bio-Ship, but since Lagoon Boy forgot to pack rebreathers, Superboy took manual control of the vessel while Miss Martian went to support her boyfriend below.

Artemis saw an opportunity to vault the blast wall, but Nightwing pulled her back in time to avoid a laser blast. He chastised her psychically for trying to get herself killed. When Carol advanced the launch to two minutes, their situation became dire—they would be vaporized when the rocket launched. Artemis loosed a flare arrow to momentarily blind the Manta-men, whose helmets were designed to enhance underwater vision. The plan worked, and Nightwing and Artemis were able to vault the wall and attack the Manta-men directly.

Both heroes had defeated the Manta-men when Kaldur'ahm himself surfaced from the sea. He attacked Nightwing and Artemis, but paused to fire a last-ditch shoulder-mounted missile at the departing rocket. Artemis managed to destroy the missile with her rocket-propelled arrow. Enraged, Kaldur knocked Nightwing aside with water hammers, disarmed Artemis, and seemingly stabbed her through the chest with a water sword. In actuality he curved the sword around her side. Artemis then ingested a pill that placed her in a coma-like state.

Nightwing rushed to the fallen Artemis, and surreptitiously popped a blood squib on her chest to make it seem like she was stabbed through and through. After the rocket exploded thanks to an altitude bomb smuggled aboard by Black Manta, Kaldur'ahm ordered a retreat.[24]

Cape Canaveral
March 19, 21:22, EDT Time Zone

Nightwing started cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Artemis. After thirty compressions and two ventilations, during which Superboy detected no heartbeat from her, he declared her dead. Nightwing slumped to the ground in defeat.[24]

March 20, 04:00, EDT Time Zone
The four members discuss their secret plan

The four friends meet up and discuss recent events and their future plans.

Inside a warehouse, Nightwing reminisced about his past with Artemis, looking at the picture he took with her during her first day at Gotham Academy. He met up with Kaldur'ahm, Wally, and Artemis, and discussed the deception they perpetrated on the Team, the League, and the Light. Nightwing mused that their friends, who were in mourning, may never forgive them. He inquired about Aqualad's infiltration, which, although costly, had succeeded as well—Kaldur had been promoted.

Nightwing then gave Artemis a Glamour Charm coated with Zatanna's physiomorphic spell, which changed her voice and appearance to everyone except the four already present. As Artemis left with Aqualad to embark on her own deep cover mission, Nightwing remarked that the hard part of the infiltration was over. Wally disagreed—it would only get more dangerous from this point.[24]

Powers and abilities


Nightwing possesses no known superhuman powers, but instead relies on his physical conditioning, acrobatic prowess, and keen detective skills taught to him by the Dark Knight himself. As Robin he was also the Team's strategist, intellect, and most importantly, their hacker. Due to these skills, Nightwing is considered the most highly trained and experienced member of the Team, and has also been fighting crime the longest.


Dick training

Dick Grayson practicing acrobatics.

Though Nightwing technically possesses no superhuman powers, his courage, skill, experience, determination and personal strengths are enough to make him a capable fighter.

  • Conditioning: Having undergone an evidently vigorous and intensive training regimen under Batman, Nightwing has exercised physical form to near-perfection for someone of his age for the purposes of fighting crime.[17]
    • Speed: Nightwing is shown to be able to run at above average speed for an adult of his age.
    • Endurance: Nightwing's endurance is at the peak of a young man of his age and size.
    • Agility: Nightwing has proven to be at the peak of human agility.
    • Strength: Nightwing's physical strength is considerably higher than that of an ordinary adult due to the conditioning he received from Batman. At just thirteen, when irritated he was even able to punch a hole into a wall, with no apparent injury.[17]
  • Movement:
    • Master martial artist: Nightwing can take out his enemies with ease possessing his knowledge in martial arts and agility.[14]
    • Master acrobat: Nightwing has proven to be able to perform complex aerial maneuvers.[2][11] Even at thirteen his acrobatic skills were so advanced, that Miss Martian was forced to use her Telekenetic abilities in order to keep up with him, while he was suffering from an apparent flu.[3]
    • Master of stealth: Nightwing is a master at stealth, capable of disappearing and reappearing without anyone noticing.[5][13][14]
    • Escape artistry: Nightwing is capable of escaping from various traps and locks in impressive time.[12]
    • Marksmanship: Nightwing is an amazing marksman, almost comparable to Artemis and Red Arrow. He uses his batarangs and rarely misses his target.[12][14]
  • Mental:
    • Detective skills: Nightwing has shown astute deductive reasoning.[13]
    • Master hacker and computer technician: Nightwing has shown that he is more than capable of easily gaining access to almost any computer or program he wants in a matter of seconds. Even at thirteen he was easily able to hack into both Justice League and Cadmus files with little to no effort on his part.[2][12]
    • Strategic planning: Nightwing is a natural leader and tactician, able to analyze most situations and develop complex and effective plans during combative situations in quick instances.[12][8]
    • Multilingualism: In addition to English, Nightwing has displayed the ability to understand at least French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.[30]
    • Mathematics: Dick is a mathlete honoree, indicating that his mathematical skill is advanced for his age.[9]


As Robin, Dick's small frame and lack of power was a weakness. Despite his intense training with Batman, he has usually had to resort to dodging attacks from superhuman foes, rather than taking them head-on like other sturdier heroes might.[9][31] As Nightwing, he has since outgrown this weakness, although he is still an ordinary human being, and is subject to anything that would harm one.

While still operating as Robin, he displayed a lack of conventional team work, where during certain situations, he would disappear abruptly either to scout ahead or perform some other sort of task, without notifying anyone else.[5] This is not due to any ego or inconsideration however, but instead because of the fact that while working with Batman, their partnership had grown to the level where they can anticipate each other's moves without having to vocalize them. While this worked well for him and Batman, this did not work with the rest of the Team.[13]

As Robin his immaturity and childlike confidence in his own abilities had proved to be a weakness in the past, as he had impulsively attempted to combat opponents who were either superior in terms of fighting skills to his own or metahumans who were considerably dangerous, such as during his one-on-one fight with Kobra[13] or a mind-controlled Superboy.[2]


Like Batman, Nightwing carries a variety of weapons on his person that substitutes for superpowers and allows flexibility in attack type. As Nightwing, he is known to have used:

Holographic computer

Robin uses his holographic computer.

  • Binoculars[13][24]
  • Eskrima sticks: Twin fighting sticks used as close combat weapons. Used occasionally when he was Robin,[9][23] Nightwing now stores them prominently in a holster on his right thigh.[16]
  • Handcuffs: Nightwing carries at least two pairs of handcuffs, allowing him to restrain the hands and feet of captives.[29]
  • Holographic computer gloves: As Robin his gloves featured a built-in computer system with holographic interface. Although capable of scanning and wireless connectivity where appropriate, USB[2] and TRS connector cables[9] and a USB port[3] are included. Though as Nightwing the appearance of the gloves has changed, including the addition of knuckle-weights, the computing functionality remains.[24]

The following were part of his arsenal as Robin and may or may not still be used as Nightwing:

  • Batarangs: Shuriken-like objects, acting like boomerangs, that are used as long range attack weapons. Several variants are used, such as batarangs that explode,[12] emit electric shocks[25] or release knock-out gas.[13] He also uses red batarangs similar in design to those of Batman.[32] Some batarangs are able to act as a radio[7] or play a pre-recorded message.[14]
  • Bolas: Thrown devices consisting of a rope weighted at each end, used to snare and restrain opponents.[13]
  • Chalk: Used to mark floors when executing complicated battle plans.[12]
  • Flash grenades: A device which generates a bright flash of light to dazzle or distract enemies.[13]
  • Gas pellets: Tiny-marble like devices that give off a thick gray smoke ideal for obscuring vision.[12] The smoke can also render someone unconscious when used in close spaces. The pellets can be set for delayed detonation.[23]
  • Grappling gun: A hand-held device that fires a grappling hook across far distances giving Nightwing the ability to make hasty escapes and climb high objects and buildings. The grapple lines can be lengthened and pulled back utilizing the buttons on the gun.[12][11]
  • Lockpick: A small device to open locks, stored in his glove.[2]
  • Knife[9]
  • Periscope: A small device allowing the user to see around corners.[33]
  • Rebreather: A small device used to breathe underwater.[7]
  • Taser: A hand-held taser, that could be used both short range and long range. The exact voltage of the electrical blast is unknown, but it was enough to momentarily slow down Superboy.[12]
  • Wrist watch computer: A holographic interface computer mounted in a wrist watch for use while in civilian clothing.[34]


  • Robin's motorcycle: As Robin, Dick had his own personal mode of transportation, a customized sports coupe motorcycle. When its battle mode was activated, the motorcycle split in half. The back half turns into a flying laser cannon that protected him from attack. It can also split into a pocket bike if the main body is heavily damaged and is activated through his glove computer.[9]


Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Main article: Batman
Bruce and Robin Basketball

Dick and Bruce play one-on-one.

Taken in by Bruce Wayne after the death of his biological parents, Dick Grayson became Robin, Bruce's partner in his crime-fighting work as Batman.[1] He was only 9 years old when introduced to the field, and though the youngest, he is also the most experienced of the Team.[7] Batman trained Dick with the specific goal of giving him support after the loss of his parents, so that Dick would not grow up like he had.[20] His general opinion of Dick, although rarely stated directly, is high. When they worked in the field together, they behaved as a well-oiled machine, able to anticipate each other's moves, actions and plans, without the need to vocally communicate with each other.[13]

Despite being his mentor, Batman seemed to treat Robin as a partner, rather than as a sidekick, and now treats Nightwing as a colleague, hearing him out when he states his opinion and even conceding to his points should they prove correct or logical.[16] He also viewed Dick as a natural leader of the Team, but did not push him into the role.[13][33]

Dick seemed to not only look up to Batman as a mentor but also as a father figure. He is proud to have been Batman's protégé and cared about living up to his expectations. He became rather jealous sometimes of the attention Aqualad got from Batman as leader of the Team.[17]

Five years later, Dick's (now Nightwing) relationship with Batman remains strong. However, where before they worked as partners (though with Batman obviously in-charge), they now seem to view each other as complete equals. Batman puts a great deal of trust and confidence into Nightwing's role as the team's leader, and is willing to let Nightwing take lead during missions, such as during the Malina Island mission.[26]


Main article: Aqualad

As one of the oldest members of the Team, Aqualad was naturally the Team's big brother. This relationship was most obvious between Robin and Aqualad. While Aqualad was the mature, rational older brother, Robin behaved far more impulsively and immaturely, which often resulted in Aqualad having to keep him in check. However, despite their extreme differences in personality, the pair got along very well, showing great respect for each other. When time came for the Team to choose a field leader, Robin initially saw himself as the most appropriate leader of the Team, citing his greater experience despite being the youngest member of the Team.

However, Aqualad explained that Robin's experience and his strong working relationship with Batman meant that Robin assumed his teammates could follow his plans without much explanation, whereas the Team really needed a leader who would be clear. Robin instead suggested that Aqualad should be the Team's leader, and Aqualad accepted. Nevertheless, Aqualad claimed that Robin was a natural leader and would one day be ready to take control of the Team.[13] Despite this, Robin has been shown on at least one occasion to get jealous of the attention Batman gives to Aqualad due to his status as Team leader.[17]

Kid Flash

Main article: Kid Flash

Robin's best friend, both on and off the Team, is Wally West. They met and became fast friends before the creation of the Team.[14] Despite Batman's orders for Robin not to reveal his secret identity,[5] Robin trusted Kid Flash to such a great degree that he revealed his secret identity to him[3][21] about eighteen months before the Team's founding.[35]

While they are obviously close, they enjoy poking fun at each other when one or the other fails at something, both in their personal (Kid Flash hitting on Miss Martian[3]) and working lives.[11]

Alfred Pennyworth

Main article: Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is the butler of the Wayne family and primary caregiver for both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.[17] After the death of Bruce's parents, Alfred kept his distance, remaining the butler rather than becoming the father. This has been one of his biggest regrets, and he has taken a considerably different approach with Dick.[6]


Main article: Zatanna

When Zatanna first showed up at the Cave, Robin was very quick to introduce himself to her, although in a far less "smooth" manner than he normally demonstrated. The two flirted throughout their adventure, and both looked forward to another mission with each other on the Team.[36] After Zatanna's father was taken as the new host of Doctor Fate, Robin attempted on more than one occasion to help Zatanna through her loss.[37] Zatanna also comforted Robin when he was distraught over the possible death of Speedy. She kissed him, on the cheek, on his fourteenth birthday[4] and on the mouth on New Year's.[23] Sometime after this, they dated for a while. Though they broke up, they were still on very good speaking terms.[4]

Tim Drake

Main article: Tim Drake

Tim is the new Robin, and Dick's successor as Batman's protégé. Tim looks up to him as his hero and big brother. Dick tries to be a good role model and give Tim the chance to prove himself and go beyond his normal comfort zones, such as putting him in a leadership position.[16]


    Background in other media

    File:Robin bio.jpg
    • Dick Grayson as Robin is considered the first official adolescent sidekick in comic book mythology. This is subtly hinted at in the show by stating the Robin has been working as a sidekick longer than everyone else.
    • In the comics' main timeline there have been four other Robins aside from Dick Grayson: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne.
    • Greg Weisman stated that he chose Dick Grayson as Robin because Young Justice was sort of a Robin origin story and putting Jason Todd or Tim Drake would be doing injustice to the series.
    • In the original Young Justice comic series, the role of Robin was held by Tim Drake, rather than Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson as Robin, Nightwing and Batman meanwhile has been a member of such teams as the Teen Titans, the Titans, the Outsiders and the Justice League of America. The Dick Grayson of Earth-Two was also a member of the Justice Society of America.
    • This is the twelfth animated incarnation of Dick Grayson. Previous versions have included The Adventures of Batman, The Batman/Superman Hour, Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder, The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Super Friends, DC Animated Universe (Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures), Teen Titans, The Batman, Justice League: The New Frontier, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Batman: Under the Red Hood.
    • Young Justice: Invasion marks Nightwing's sixth animated appearance; he has previously appeared in the DCAU (The New Batman Adventures and Justice League Unlimited), Teen Titans, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Batman: Under the Red Hood.
    • Dick Grayson has appeared in several live-action mediums including The Batman and Robin Serials, the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman TV series, and in the films Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Although he never appeared, Dick Grayson was also mentioned briefly in an episode of the series Birds of Prey as a former partner to Batman.


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