Nightwing and Zatanna

Maintained intimacy.

Nightwing and Zatanna were members of the Team. They've had a relationship, and though they have broken up, they're still on very good, and intimate, terms.

History Edit

Courting Edit

Dick and Zatanna first met on October 10, 2010, when her father introduced her to the Team. Robin was quick to interrupt M'gann's introduction to introduce himself. He took over her welcome from there, being eager for her to join the Team. "Kidnapping" her to join in on the mission to find Red Tornado, he flirted openly with her, to the point that he apologized for being reminiscent of Wally's flirtations with the likes of Miss Martian and Black Canary. She welcomed it. When Red Volcano attacked, he was more concerned with her safety than his other teammates.[1]

Robin and Zatanna

Best kidnapping ever.

After her father became host to Nabu and she moved into the Cave, Robin looked at her sympathetically and was the last to leave her alone in her new environment.[2]

Consolidation Edit

On December 1, 2010, Kid Flash told Zatanna it was Robin's birthday. She ambushed him for a surprise birthday kiss on his cheek.[3]

When the Watchtower computer alerted them to New Year, as their teammates began to kiss as per the tradition, Zatanna clutched Robin and brought him closer to her, engaging in a deeper kiss.[4]

Post-Relationship Edit

Although no longer together, Zatanna was still good friends with Dick. On his nineteenth birthday, she specifically came to the Cave to wish him happy birthday, she also kissed him on the mouth before leaving.[3]

Their maintained bond was again evident by her trusting him enough to supply him with a Glamour Charm without the need for an explanation, due to their history.[5]

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