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This article is about the clone of Ocean-Master. For the original, see Ocean-Master.

Ocean-Master is a clone of his namesake, created by the Light as part of Project Thrinos. He was to act as a disposable foil for their clone of Arion, who was to use his defeat of Ocean-Master to gain the Atlantean crown. After Miss Martian deprogrammed him and restored his blocked memories, and Project Thrinos failed with Arion's death, Orm was set free with a clean slate.


Ocean-Master was extremely embittered by "his" time in prison. He is also arrogant, hardly able to believe the stranger defeated him.[1] His memories of the time following the original Orm's imprisonment are very patchy, but he seems unaware of this and confidently makes statements about that time.[2]

When confronted with his identity as a clone, Orm was initially defiant, but could not deny his doubts and eventually sought the truth. He was surprised and humbled when Orin chose to free him.[3]

Physical appearance

Like his template, the cloned Ocean-Master dons a purple suit of armor with a cape. The suit of armor consists of spaulders, protecting his shoulders, and fingerless gauntlets and greaves, covering his forearms and shins, respectively. He walks barefoot. He also has a belt adjoined by an upside-down crescent moon, and wears a helmet that covers his face, leaving only his mouth visible. His eyes are covered by two round opaque red lenses. His suit of armor has an aquatic motif and features protuberances shaped like fins on the greaves and shreds and rips on the base of the cape, making it resemble a caudal fin. Underneath the armor, he wears a black jumpsuit.

With the mask removed, the cloned Orm has the long dark hair of his template and has dark rings around his eyes.[1]


Early life

After the killing of the real Ocean-Master in 2018,[4] a clone of Orm's body was created and force grown by Ultra-Humanite. Psimon transferred the memories from the original Orm's Psy-Back, recorded shortly before his incarceration. Psimon then blocked all Orm's memories of his creation, and programmed him with new "memories" to cover the period since the Psy-Back was recorded, plus implanting instructions to have him attack Atlantis and lose, in order to set up their Arion clone, who also had Orm's memories but no false memories or programming, as a hero. The Orm clone was considered a disposable tool as part of Project Thrinos, with "Arion" as the true continuation of Orm.[3]


S'atiroman Cave
April 20, 01:11 UTC-2

Ocean-Master met with his old lieutenant Danuuth, and thanked him for his loyalty.[1]

April 21, post-09:58 UTC-2

Ocean-Master attacked the first full day of the conference of city-states. He used Neptune's Trident to blast the conference center, and did widespread damage across Poseidonis. Despite being vastly outnumbered by the conference attendees and guards, Ocean-Master easily held them back, but was stunned when he was hit by an unexpected blast of magic. A hooded stranger easily overpowered Orm, prompting him to teleport out.[1]

S'atiroman Cave
April 21, 21:39 UTC-2

Ocean-Master raged at Danuuth over his defeat. Danuuth attempted to console him, but when he referred to Orm as Prince, Orm rejected the title, stating he was forever the Ocean-Master.[1]

After about a month, Danuuth noted Orm's poor memory of events since his imprisonment and abandoned him, deeming him an impostor.[2]

May 14, post-07:42 UTC-2

A giant pillar of fire appeared outside the city, generating deadly red water. Having no desire to rule a dead ocean, Orm went to help extinguish the pillar. He encountered Orin on his way, and told his brother to keep back, as he had no intention of saving him from the red water. Ocean-Master went to Mera's side and used his trident to reinforce her magic construct. Even Ocean-Master's help was not enough, but then the hooded stranger arrived, and together the three extinguished the pillar. Ocean-Master immediately attacked Kaldur and Mera, knocking Kaldur out, but the stranger prevented further attack, and took the trident. Orin then easily apprehended Orm, and La'gaan and Wyynde hauled him away.[5]

June 02, post-08:37 UTC-2

Orm sat dejected in his prison cell when Orin visited. After Orin asked how long he had been plotting against him, Orm interrupted, insisting they had covered it all before during Orin's 16 visits in his prior incarceration. Visits which never happened.[2]

June 06, 08:01 UTC-2

Orin confronted Orm with evidence that he was a clone. Orm vehemently denied being a clone. Orin asked for Miss Martian's opinion, and she uncamouflaged herself, confirming that the unguarded Orm believed what he said was true. M'gaan offered to help Orm recover from whatever programming he may have been subjected to, but Orm continued to deny he was a clone.[3]

July 03, 19:05 UTC-2

Orm called out for Orin. M'gann de-camouflaged and told him Orin was busy elsewhere, but it was M'gann whom Orm wanted. He wanted to know the truth. M'gann immediately recognized Psimon's touch on Orm's mind, and was able to recover Orm's earliest true memories; of Vandal Savage and Ultra-Humanite creating the clone body, of Psimon confirming to Savage that the clone had been implanted with the original Ocean-Master's memory engrams, and of a clone of Arion also implanted with Ocean-Master's memories.

Later, M'gann cleared Orm's mind of all programming and outside influence. Orin then set him free, returning Ocean-Master's mask. The clone could not be held accountable for the original Orm's crimes, nor for those he committed while under the Light's control. Orin wanted to give this Orm a second-or really first-chance.

Later, Orm swam away from Poseidonis.[3]

Powers and abilities

The clone of Ocean-Master appears to possess all the powers and abilities of his template.[1]

  • Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although human, have through scientific and sorcerous means[6] developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea.
    • Underwater breathing: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills.[6][7]
    • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures[8] and the effects of freezing,[9] although notably hindered by high temperatures.[10]
    • Durability: Dense flesh, while not invulnerable, durable enough to resist the pressure of the deep sea.[6][11][12]
    • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength.[6][13][9]
  • Atlantean sorcery: Ocean-Master is a proficient magic user, particularly when wielding Neptune's Trident.[1]


Former equipment



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