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"Odyssey of Death!" is the 21st episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, and the 94th of the overall series. It debuted on May 5, 2022 on HBO Max.


For Rocket, one portal opens and another closes forever.


Bayou Bartholomew
August 27, 19:28 CDT

Madame Xanadu floats on a small boat, and casts a spell. She sees the reflections of[1] spirits on the water, but does not find the spirit she is looking for. After struggling to get a signal, she phones Zatanna to report her lack of success.

August 27, 20:30 EDT

Atop the Tower of Fate, Zatanna thanks her for trying, but has another plan. She ends the call, and Doctor Fate removes the Helmet of Fate. Zatanna hugs her father and asks if he has had any luck convincing Nabu to help. Zatara tells her he refuses, but she remains confident and dons the helmet, becoming Doctor Fate.

August 28, 00:31 UTC

The Bio-Ship flies at an unusually fast speed through subspace, now powered by Kid Flash running on the Cosmic Treadmill. Chameleon Boy asks what the plan is for getting the Phantom Zone Projector. Saturn Girl tells him they will have to make it up as they go along, but somehow it must be destroyed.

Mobius Dimension
August 27, 17:07 UTC
One day before present

Mantis takes the Projector back to the Time-Sphere, where Ma'alefa'ak and a Kryptonite-poisoned Lor-Zod are still unconscious. He orders the Kaizer-Thrall to take them back to the real world, and the Sphere teleports out.

Mobius Dimension
August 28, 17:07 UTC

Metron boom tubes into the Vault with Orion, Rocket and Tomar-Re. He quickly finds the Projector is missing. Metron is able to trace the rip in space-time from the Time-Sphere's journey. Orion demands some explanation for what is happening, but Metron insists there is no time.

New Genesis
August 27, 17:08 UTC
One day before present

The Time-Sphere arrives on New Genesis's surface, and Mantis drags Lor-Zod out of the Sphere, before collapsing himself.

New Genesis
August 28, 17:09 UTC

Lor wakes up with a start, finally recovered from his poisoning. Ma'alefa'ak explains the situation to him, and Lor is grateful to Mantis for retrieving the Projector, admitting he had underestimated him. The news is not all good however, as Ma'alefa'ak reveals that the Time-Sphere is fried as Mantis did not compensate for the dimensional shift during their escape. Lor is overall still satisfied, and eager to use the Projector, but Mantis tells him it is out of power. Lor is unsurprised and determined they must find a substantial power source to charge it. Mantis knows the perfect place.

Later, Metron and his companions boom tube to the Sphere, but are too late; Lor and the others are gone. Metron quickly gathers that their enemy is now trapped in this place and time and so will seek to use the Projector immediately, thus requiring power. Rocket again asks for some explanation, but Metron responds cryptically.

August 28, 17:19 UTC

In front of their own statues, Forager and Forager discuss their future. Forager is still torn, but the Mountain Forager solves his dilemma by volunteering to go to Earth with him. Their happy embrace is interrupted when Metron and the others boom tube nearby, with Metron calling for immediate preparations to prevent an invasion from the Phantom Zone.

The Phantom Zone
August 29, 00:01 UTC

Superboy and Non work together to move a rock, as Dru-Zod and Ursa look on. Dru is impressed that Superboy can keep up with Non. Ursa is impatient to learn more from the new arrival, but Dru urges her to wait; Superboy has been severely affected by his Zone-Sickness and Dru fears that if they push him too hard, they might lose him before they can learn what he knows of Krypton.

August 29, 00:02 UTC

Metron's group, the Foragers, Flash, Kilowog and the Forever People are gathered in the conference room, where Metron has just finished finally explaining what is going on. Rocket, Flash and Tomar-Re are shocked at the possible threat of an army of Supermen. Metron has analyzed the power requirements of the Projector and determined multiple possible sources on Supertown. Highfather organizes the Divine Guard and all the New Gods to defend them. Metron has also found two possible power sources on the surface, more likely targets, which the gathered group must defend. The Forever People combine to form Infinity-Man, and Metron opens a boom tube to take himself, Kilowog and Infinity-Man to one site, while Orion's Motherbox opens a boom tube to take the rest to the second site.

Boiling Lake Crater
August 29, 00:14 UTC

Lor, Mantis and Ma'alefa'ak stand by the Projector as it absorbs the Source energy bubbling off of the lake. Mantis complains about how long they have been there, when the Projector announces it has reached minimum charge and floats over the lake to optimize power absorption.

Moments later, Orion's boom tube opens in the sky nearby, and Rocket quickly sees they have the right target. Orion is unable to call for backup as the lake's energy is disrupting Motherbox's functions. Rocket worries what that means since Orion needs Motherbox to remain calm, but he assures her that he is able to cope without it, though it may be difficult.

Lor spots the oncoming group and orders the defense of the projector. Ma'alefa'ak brain blasts the group, causing them to fall from the sky, but Tomar-Re is able to recover and catch them with an energy construct. They get up and move forward toward their targets. Rocket checks that Orion is coping alright, and Ma'alefa'ak catches them, starting a psychic battle.

On the ground, Flash is caught by the Kaizer-Thrall in its inter-dimensional torture beam, and the rolling Foragers are knocked back by Mantis. Tomar-Re engages Lor near the Projector, binding him with a construct. Lor easily breaks the construct with his heat vision, and charges as the Green Lantern, punching him to the ground. The Projector then announces it has reached optimal power, and Lor orders it to retrieve Dru-Zod.

In the Phantom Zone, Dru and the others see the retrieval window open. Non leaps toward it, but he does not have the specified DNA signature and is deflected back.

Back at the lake, the Foragers determine they can do nothing about the hole that has appeared in the sky, so Forager sends the Mountain Forager to help Flash while he deals with Mantis.

In Rocket's mind, she relives Orion's outburst when they were retrieving the Ruction Cell but, when she traps Orion in a bubble, this time Lightray encourages her to keep him trapped.

Tomar-Re comes at Lor once more. As the two engage in an aerial battle, the lake begins to glow with red energy. The two stop fighting as they hear a great groaning noise as the area surrounding the lake begins to rise. From their elevation they can see the lake is the glowing eyes and mouth of a sleeping giant, now waking. Tomar-Re is horrified to realize that Lor has inadvertently awoken a Promethean. The pair are knocked back by a shockwave as a great beam of Source energy erupts from the mouth of the Promethean. Tomar-Re's power ring warns him that the Source energy will ignite the atmosphere if not contained or redirected. Tomar-Re is adamant that another planet will not die on his watch, and creates a tubular construct around the energy plume, funneling the stream above the atmosphere and out into space. With the Lantern distracted, Lor returns his attention to the Projector, which announces it has locked onto Dru-Zod's DNA signature.

In the Zone, a tractor beam pulls Dru toward the portal. He grabs for his life-mate, determined to bring her with him, but the Projector rejects her DNA signature and she is pushed back to the rocks. Dru promises he will find a way to bring her, and everyone else, out. Superboy leaps and grabs Dru, not wanting him to be taken from them. Dru starts to tell him he wants to go, but stops short when he realizes that Superboy has not been rejected by the Projector's ID system, and that therefore Superboy was not sent there by Krypton.

As Tomar-Re continues to redirect the energy stream, the Promethean begins to settle back down, and the cascade wanes in intensity somewhat. The Mountain Forager smashes into the Kaizer-Thrall, freeing Flash.

In Rocket's mind, she remembers that Lightray had told her Orion was claustrophobic, but Lightray insists Orion must be contained as he will always be a monster. Rocket realizes that isn't right and frees Orion. As Orion leaps in the air to attack her, Rocket tells him that she sees him in a new light, and that the fact that he fights the darkness threatening to consume him makes him a hero.

Orion snaps out of Ma'alef'ak's trance and fires the blaster on his harness, knocking Ma'alefa'ak out of the sky. Rocket recovers and thanks him.

On the ground, the Mountain Forager directs Flash to seal the sky hole, but is caught by the Kaizer-Thrall once he speeds off. Mantis pins Forager to a tree, and reminding him of his threats in case Forager ever returned to New Genesis. Forager retorts that came before his training with Nightwing, and quickly frees himself amid a flurry of blows, before knocking Mantis out. Flash is unsure how to close the portal, but decides to prevent its use by forming a tornado around it. Enraged, Lor blasts at him with heat vision, but cannot hit him.

In the Zone, Dru tries to get Superboy off of him, telling him he wants to leave. The airflow from the tornado begins to buffet them through the portal as they grow close.

Forager rushes to the Mountain Forager's aid, but is hit by one of the Kaizer-Thrall's beams himself. The Mountain Forager reaches out to help him and her hand breaks free of the Thrall's effect.

In the sky, Tomar-Re's ring announces that the cascade is nearly fully directed. Hearing this, Lor turns his attention back to the Lantern, blasting him with heat vision. Tomar-Re creates a shield on his back, but he is unable to maintain both the shield and the funnel. Remembering his failure to save Krypton, Tomar decides never again and releases the shield. Lor's heat vision tunnels through the Lantern's chest, but even as he begins to fall from the sky, Tomar maintains the funnel for the last few seconds it needs. As his ring confirms the cascade has been fully diverted, Tomar-Re dies with a smile, and his ring flies off his finger.

Lor watches his foe fall, before being assaulted from behind by Rocket and Orion. Rocket puts a force bubble around him and Orion, and not even Lor's heat vision deters Orion from brutally beating the Kryptonian down.

Tomar-Re's ring soon finds its new bearer, and slips onto the Mountain Forager's finger. A hologram of Tomar-Re announces that she has been selected to replace him as Green Lantern, and leads her in reciting the Green Lantern Corps Oath as a costume materializes around her. Green Lantern Forager quickly blasts the Kaizer-Thrall, freeing Forager and herself.

In camouflage, the Bio-Ship approaches the Projector. As it fires on the Projector, Saturn Girl psychically reaches out into the portal. She is shocked to detect Superboy and Phantom Girl. Rocket sees the energy blasts appear from nowhere and destroy the Projector. As the portal closes, Saturn Girl wakes up Phantom Girl.

In the Zone, the tractor beam dies, and Dru and Superboy fall back to the rocks.

As Rocket looks on in confusion, an enraged Lor overpowers Orion, bursts the force bubble with his heat vision and flies up and into the Bio-Ship. He tears his way inside and grabs Saturn Girl, threatening to kill her unless they got out of there, as Ma'alefa'ak density shifts in alongside him. The Bio-Ship quickly flies away.

On the ground, Rocket checks on Orion, who is alright but notes Tomar-Re's absence, as the Foragers and Flash approach with Mantis and the Kaizer-Thrall captive. They find Tomar-Re's body, and are soon joined by the other squad. All look on in mourning as a devastated Kilowog holds his comrade's body.

Mobius Dimension
August 29, 06:42 UTC

Metron puts the damaged Time-Sphere in storage for later study, though laments the loss of the Projector.

August 30, 21:00 UTC

On the landing pad, Kilowog and Vykin tell Flash that the treaty is agreed in principle and could be considered signed. Flash is eager for them to find Tomar-Re's killers and Kilowog assures him the Corps was already hunting. They discuss the fates of Mantis and the Thrall. Mantis will be tried on New Genesis, while the "torture cube" appears to be sentient and will be placed in a Sciencell on Oa.

The Foragers say their goodbyes. The plan for the Mountain Forager to join Forager on Earth is off now that she is a probationary Green Lantern bound for training on Oa. Forager suggests a long-distance relationship, and Mountain Forager is confident she could make the trip to Earth. Forager gifts Mountain Forager a copy of his favorite book, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

Rocket tells Orion she is glad she met him, a feeling he reciprocates. He tells her he is confident she will make her challenges her strengths, and thanks her for seeing him. The Javelin takes off. In the cockpit, Rocket reflects on Orion's parting words, and the events of the last few days.

Dakota City
September 02, 16:16 CDT

Raquel arrives at Noble's apartment, delighted to be reunited with her son. She cuddles him on the couch and tells him she sees him, as he eats his cookie and taps the back of her hand.

Central City
September 02, 16:17 CDT

Jay arrives at his home and calls out for Bart, but finds him missing.

September 03, 00:00 EDT

In the Tower of Fate, a gathering of powerful magic users surround the tower's bell. Madame Xanadu asks Doctor Fate how Zatanna convinced him to do this, and he admits she threatened him with no peace until he complied. They all then join hands to begin the ritual. Mystic energy builds up around them until the bell rings. The group looks to each other in confusion and disappointment.

Inside the Helmet of Fate, Zatanna asks Nabu how they could have failed with so much power. Nabu suggests Conner may have found final peace, but Zatanna suspects he may not be dead at all. In that case, she does not need magic to find him, she needs a detective.

End credits scene: Atop the Premiere Building, Forager looks up at the moon, as the Mountain Forager recites Hamlet's letter to Ophelia from Hamlet, suitably modified to reflect Forager's name and the Bugs' disuse of pronouns.


Continuing the theme of Jack Kirby-esque dramatic titles for this arc, "Odyssey of Death!" refers to the heroes' hunt for Lor-Zod and his team, which ends with the death of Tomar-Re.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Dee Bradley Baker Green Lantern Tomar-Re
Chameleon Boy
Denise Boutte Rocket/Raquel Ervin
Lacey Chabert Zatanna
Ben Diskin Orion
Nika Futterman Forager
Andrew Kishino Mantis
Phil LaMarr Metron
Phil Morris Lor-Zod
Nolan North Lightray
Geoff Pierson Flash/Jay Garrick
Kevin Michael Richardson Green Lantern Kilowog
Jason Spisak Forager
Cree Summer Madame Xanadu
Kari Wahlgren Saturn Girl
Phantom Zone Projector
Phil Morris Noble Davis
Phantom Girl
Ursa Zod
Non-speaking roles
Amistad Ervin
Blue Devil
Jason Blood
Khalid Nassour
Kid Flash
Larva (blue) (illusion)
Larva (red) (illusion)
Mera Nereus
Phantom Stranger
0 Character debut
0 Speaking debut
0 Episode debut



Language translations

Language Speaker Line Translation
Creole French Madame Xanadu Moutre m'! Show me!
Ase! Enough!


Cultural references



Unanswered questions


  • Rocket: I see you, Orion. I see you in a whole new light. I can't imagine your struggle, but the fact that you fight against the darkness that threatens to consume you, it makes you more, not less. It makes you a hero in my eyes.
  • Mantis: Mantis warned Forager never to return to New Genesis.
  • Forager: Yes, but Mantis's warning came before Forager trained with Nightwing!
  • Rocket: I'm glad I met you, Orion.
  • Orion: As am I. You deal with unique challenges, friend Rocket. But I believe you will learn to make those challenges your strengths. Thank you for seeing me.
  • Madame Xanadu: If I might ask, Great Nabu... how in the world did Zatanna get you to agree to this?
  • Doctor Fate: By swearing she would give us no peace until we complied.


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