Olympia Savage (d. September 9, 2018) was one of Vandal Savage's children.

Personality Edit

She is very loyal to her family, as she wants to ensure that her sister knows of their father's past and document new details for his story. Because of her old age, her mind has slowly deteriorated and she constantly forgets questions that she had asked before. Olympia is devoted to ensuring her father's legacy is recorded and wants to document new details to it while enjoying one specific part.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Olympia has the appearance of elderly woman with white hair and dark skin. She wears a similar attire to that of her father and sister.[1]

History Edit

2018 Edit

Western Mongolia
September 08, 07:54 ICT

Approaching her sister Cassandra Savage, Olympia told her that it was time she came to know of their father's history and gave her the book with full details of his long life.

The Warworld
September 08, 23:26 UTC

Olympia observed as Vandal confronted the incoming armada and declared that Earth was off-limits to all incursion or invasion. She asked if Cassandra had read the part of the bear battle while her sister told her to hush as their father battled the armada. She alerted Vandal that another armada was incoming from the other side of the solar system, and Savage realized that it was someone who knew the Warworld couldn't be in two places at once. He contacted Darkseid to ask for resources. His partner acquiesced and Olympia sent in the request. She was watched as they were contacted by Kalibak and she remarked on his daddy issues. She then put in request for aid.

Oort Cloud
September 09, 01:47 UTC

After the battle, Olympia watched as her father put the remains of Starro in the holding cells of the Warworld. She once more expressed her enjoyment of the battle with the bear and her intentions of putting her new favorite moment of watching the battle in space in the book. Vandal denied her request and hugged his child, asking why she enjoyed that moment in the book. As she voiced her reasons, Vandal snapped her neck, killing her. Horrified, Cassandra justified this as a humane way because of Olympia's deteriorating mind and ending her pain. Cassandra declared that she would make the proper arrangements for the funeral, as Vandal told her to make it one worthy of her.[1]

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Background information Edit

Olympia Savage is an original character conceived by Brandon Vietti and named by Greg Weisman. She was not included in the original story breakdown for "Evolution" and was added by Vietti, who felt something was missing from the episode. While her addition did not significantly affect the bulk of the story, where Cassandra Savage was to do some of what Olympia ended up doing, it dramatically altered the ending.[2]

References Edit

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