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Onslaught is a team of meta-human enforcers working for Queen Bee.

History Edit

2016-2018 Edit

Onslaught was formed out of earlier teams used by the Light. The enforcers were already working with Queen Bee,[1] and some even gained Bialyan diplomatic immunity.[2]

2018 Edit

Greater Bialya
November 01, 01:43 UTC+3

Onslaught oversaw security at a meta-human auction arena fight held in an abandoned mall. Nightwing's team crashed the party and Psimon was electrocuted by Black Lightning, rendering them unable to detect intruders.

After more destruction followed, Devastation had Icicle, Shimmer, and Mammoth confront the cause. They went up against Superboy and the Bio-Ship but were defeated. In the arena, the Terror Twins and Devastation fought Nightwing, Tigress and Black Lightning who attempted to liberate the prisoners. The heroes were backed up by Geo-Force and prisoner Tara Markov, which led to their escape.[3]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • In the comics, Jihad, later renamed Onslaught, is a team of villains formed by Quraci president Marlo. They formed a frequent threat to the Suicide Squad.

References Edit

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